Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nagging Nelly

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Do you have a Naggy Nelly in your head?

A nagging little voice that questions everything you do, Makes you second guess all your actions and fills you with anxiety and worry? I’ll admit I have one. Over the years I have learned to squash and quiet it, but it’s still there, still popping out every once in awhile. These days it tends to ignore my parenting flaws as I have learned to do the same thing. The current focus is usually on where I am falling short or seeming to fall short whether that be Halloween costumes or time management.

I’m thankful for that. I can remember being a new mom with my first and always having to listen to that horrid nagging voice questioning everything I did. I remember coming home with my second and thinking how much more fun it was. How much more relaxed and happy of an experience it was because I had learned to quiet my Nagging Nelly.

I had the confidence that I lacked with my first. I knew that despite what I thought mothering was partially instinctual and it was something I could do and do well. What do you wish you had known, and actually listened to as a new mom? My friend Julie is looking for that advice for a friend (who is an avid blog reader!). She is throwing a baby shower and wants to give her advice from some of her favorite bloggers (that’s you, I promise!).

So in honor of Julie and her friend I am hosting an additional link up today (NOT the Bigger Picture Moment link up, that is over at Hyacynth’s today). If you have written a post (go on, dig through those archives!) about what you wish you knew as a mom, or some of your favorite new mom tips link it up below and help a new mom start on the right foot with no Naggy Nelly’s on her shoulder.

Because if there is anything I have learned from being a mom it’s that the worry, the wonder, the Nagging Nelly in your head doesn’t help. It doesn’t make you a better mother, wife, worker, whatever. It takes you out of the moment and steals your happiness and forces you to focus on what is wrong instead of all that is right.

Virtual Baby Shower Link-up, link up your best advice below. Don't have a post, that's okay, leave your best advice in the comments!


Hyacynth said...

It's true. It sucks the power right from your day. Nagging Nelly is a greedy jerk -- she always wants more of you, too. I know her well, and I don't welcome her.

Shell said...

Hmmm,I wonder if I ever published the "what I wish I'd known" post or if it's still in drafs. I will have to look and see.