Saturday, November 20, 2010

Savory Saturday: Lessons in Domestication

Welcome to Savory Saturday, you can get the scoop on what this is here.

This week's themes was definitely Chaos in the kitchen! A very busy week with appointments and school events left our meal planning and dinners harried and scattered. Thankfully we keep a fairly well stocked pantry and freezer so we were able to still stick with home made meals.

The Plan:
This was out meal plan for the week that we set on Sunday:

  • Sat.: Roast chicken, broccoli, couscous
  • Sun: Pizza (Frozen)
  • Mon: Tacos
  • Tue: Chicken Pot Pie
  • Wed: Pulled Pork
  • Thurs: Dinner at School
  • Fri: Fritatta
  • Sat: Sloppy Joes
The Reality:

Saturday: We finally roasted the chicken! (See my Dueling Chickens post for how I roast chicken) However we started late and had to hurry up and eat before soccer at 5. So it was harried and stressful. We served it with Trader Joes Whole Wheat couscous (yum!) because it only takes 5 minutes to cook and broccoli.

Success? The chicken was cooked so Yes! I would have preferred a different side. I love the couscous it just doesn't go so well (read bland) with roasted chicken. I prefer it within something I can mix into it. 

Picky Eater Rating? 2.5 bites. She ate the required 1 bite of chicken and she devoured all her broccoli but she would not try her couscous. 

Sunday: Pizza

Success? Yes

Picky Eater Rating? Whole Meal! Woot! (and expected, it's one of her three foods)

Worth nothing, normally Pizza night is Saturday and we would roast the chicken on Sunday. However since our schedule got messed up last week the chicken was out of the freezer and needed to be cooked. 

Monday:  Tacos, served with a side of yellow rice (mostly served because I mix the leftover taco meat with it for lunch) and black beans. 

Success?  YES!

Picky Eater Rating? 0 Bites. She will not eat tacos. We have tried, and do try, quesadillas every single time we make tacos. We even made it with American Cheese. I think she finally forced one bite down after hubs threatened her with immediate bed time. 

Tuesday: Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes, Peas

Success? Umm....well, technically NO. This is where having a well stocked freezer/pantry comes in handy. While our menu said Pot Pie, I failed to find the time to make it. I am not even sure why at this point (it's been that kind of week). 

Picky Eater Rating? 2 bites. Ate the required 2 (because we know she likes pork) bites of pork and all her peas. We still don't touch potatoes.

Wednesday: Rouladen

Success? No. A big resounding NO. Again, I got busy (this time a sick and clingy child) so the pot pie was put on hold. My husband is German and had fond memories of Rouladen from his childhood. Not my thing (at all!). Steak, rolled up with pickle, mustard, ah..just click the link if you want to know the details. We served it with mashed potatoes (don't judge, I'm pregnant), apparently the pickle was the vegetable. 

Picky Eater Success? No. I am fairly certain she didn't take one bite and since her mom was not to thrilled with dinner I couldn't in good conscious push it. Since she was not feeling well we served her rice krispies (organic from TJ's) and let her go to bed early. My other child (who is not a pick eater) loved it. 

Thursday: School dinner (Dad and Monkey) Mac and Cheese & Hot Dog (Mom and Peanut)

Success? Yes. We were as a family supposed to have dinner at the school board meeting. Peanut was sick, and tired, and cranky, so not good dinner company. I choose to stay home with her and make her something I knew she would eat. 

Picky Eater Success? YES, it was of course hand picked by her. 

Friday: Pizza, delivery

Success? No. It was an exhausting day. I dropped my son at school at 7:40 and than proceeded to two doctors appointments, two stores, hope to sew a quick (less than 30min) gift, 3 year old tantrum, back to school for pick up, finally home at 4:30. I would have ate anything that walked through my door on it's own power. Since we live in the suburbs pizza is pretty much the only choice. 

Picky Eater Success? Yes, again, one of her three foods. 

Saturday: Sloppy Joe

Success: Yes. After last week we knew with soccer being at 5 (really park district? I love you I want to promote your classes, but 5pm? For 5-6yr olds?) We needed something quick.

Picky Eater Rating?: Technically she hasn't eaten yet. They are on their way out the door and I am typing this...but I know she doesn't eat ground beef or greens so I can safely say she will eat 1 potato chip and that is all. 

So do you meal plan? How did you do this week?

All photos via Wiki Commons. I will attempt to be a better blogger and take picture of my own actual food next week!

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