Saturday, November 27, 2010

Savory Saturday: Lessons in Domestication

39 inch early 1950s Wedgewood stove!
{photo credit Miss Garnet via Flickr Creative Commons}

So this week was a short week (obviously). We had a lot of leftovers from last week and a full freezer/pantry so we decided to “wing it” with our meal planning.

“Wing it” is code for too tired and lazy on Sunday to make a menu. That’s our number one downfall, if there is food/leftovers in the house we don’t make a menu.

So the rough ideas was this, we had:
Roasted chicken to make - pot pie, soup
Chili mac

Oh, and again, like a bad blogger, I have no pictures, sorry. My computer is undergoing a much needed back up and rebuild.

On to what we did:

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie
Yes THAT recipe that I have talked about here and here. It’s FINALLY ONLINE! This is a super yummy recipe and a great way to use leftover roasted chicken. It is not a weeknight meal. It’s almost a full hour of prep, before it cooks for an hour. So yeah, it’s clearly yummy to go through all this work! Oh and I made it all by myself! Woot!
Success: In kitchen domestication, YES!
Picky Eater Rating: (Or normal child loves this) She ate one bite of chicken and cried when we tried to get her to eat the pastry.

Monday: Brown Buttered Cauliflower Pasta
 Was a busy day, and I was beat. Hubs, said let’s just do chicken nuggets. I thought we could do better with a quick dinner. I had saved this recipe from One Hungry Mama, since she posted it. It seemed easy and different, both goals of our dinners. Well, it got a Meh. I thought it was too lemony (and hubs reduced the lemon in it, we also probably didn’t have enough cauliflower). One kid liked it. We served it with Italian sausage because we are a meatatrian family.
Success: Yes because we didn't make chicken nuggets
Picky Eater Rating: noodles only, picked out all the “white” broccoli

Tuesday: Take Out
I was at schools all day and had two tired crabby children. Husband worked late. We got take out and had the best Italian Beef in our area (which is saying a lot since with are 30+miles from Little Italy!), the kids got hot dogs and all went to bed full and happy.
Success: Eh, at least it's not pizza!
Picky Eater Rating whole meal home run! Well I mean she didn't eat the fries, those are potatoes!

Wednesday: Leftover Night.
It’s a blah as it was when you were a kid but sometimes you just need to clean out the fridge. So I had Italian sausage and peppers, Monkey finished the chicken nuggets and some frozen corn, Peanut reluctantly (she loathes leftover more than me!) ate the pasta and hubs had the pot pie.

Thursday: Thanksgiving! I brought Apple Pie, the original Betty Crocker Recipe with my secret ingredient (Saigon cinnamon).

Friday: Hubs Chicken Noodle Soup
Made with broth from the carcass and the rest of the leftover chicken
Success: We used all the chicken!
Picky Eater Rating: picked out noodles, ate two crackers, two bites o chicken and one bite of carrot.

Saturday: Pizza Night!

So what’s on your menu this week?

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