Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sunday Post

Fresh Cranberries
{Photo Credit Ali N' Son}

I don't eat them, but I love making them and to me the color and smell of cranberries says Thanksgiving!

The Sunday Post
The best of the blogosphere, decided by you (and me!)*

I hope everyone is recovering from a Thankful weekend filled with food, family, and blessings. 

- I have no words to describe this, it's just beautiful thoughts on making Love your Legacy: The Names we Carry (from Thoreau Bred Baby )

Things to think about:
- Is Less More? (thoughts that speak to and from my heart) (from Madeline Bea- Life Set to Words)

- "How to feel such loss and gain all at once...because oh my goodness I have lost so much but I am so blessed!" Glory Revealed (from Martymom's Musings )

Bloggy Business:
- We made an announcement over at Bigger Picture Blogs (and if you don't subscribe over there you should, we have another awesome creativity/writing event coming up, details to be announced next week!)
- Bigger Picture Blogs is looking for Guest writers, if your interested, submit here


Home and Garden:
- My new series- Lessons in Domestication shows you why having a plan is so important with meal planning.
- Homemade look for the un-crafty (from June Clever Nirvana
- I will be making these, possibly for the classmates. Only I will be using the piles of broken crayons my children deem unworthy. (from Sew Totally Smitten)
- I will be making this (probably a few, in green and white) to decorate our house, or maybe a hostess gift. I made the valentines version of the wreath and I love it. Now I just need a good movie to distract while I do it! (from Bliss Bloom Blog)

- Do you fight technology overload? How do you balance it? One mom's honest thoughts. (from Does This Newborn Come with Instructions?)

Health & Wellness:

- Wish for Snow (the virtual kind you don't shovel!). If we create 100,000 snowflakes than 8 children's hospitals will receive $25,000!!! Let Me or Hyacynth (or BOTH!) know you made a snowflake and you have a chance at a $50 Gift Cards to 77 kids.
- Mommy Boots is giving away a Safety First Complete Air Convertible Car Seat

-Dear Ann, my daughter would like to come live with you. She thinks you are the best mommy in the world for allowing so much macaroni and cheese and wants to know why I make her eat a balanced diet? (from Anns Rants
- Think you were a parenting failure this week? Don't worry, McMommy had it worse than you. (via The McMommy Chronicles)
- If it wasn't for the post below (sorry Becky) this one would have had the disclaimer that your abs will hurt. Also, I think her landlord may be the same as my old one! (from Tales of Princess Mikkimoto)

IF YOU READ ONLY ONE FUNNY: You need to read this one. I think. I mean just pulling up the post for the link made me start laughing again. But I am hormonal and sleep deprived. It is quite possibly the funniest thing I ever read which is either because it is (and these are the most dysfunctional dogs ever) or it's because Anymommy compared a small child to the dogs and I though, oh YES my kids act just. like. those. dogs. Anyways, long intro short I laughed so hard my non ab muscles hurt and I snorted. (from Hyperbole and a Half via Is There Any Mommy Out There)

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Haley said...

Thanks for including me lady! :-)

Deb said...

-->Thanks for including my Darwin post. It's all true too. Sad but true!

Shell said...

Thanks for including me! I was horrible at visiting blogs last week. Going to use this post to cath up.

Anymommy is one of my all-time favs. One of the first blogs I started reading.

Ann Imig said...

Awwww, Thanks!! I agree on Hyperbole and a Half. And tens of thousands of others, apparently.

Alita said...

It is time to get my blog read on! :) Thank you for the suggestions chica.

Becky said...

Thanks for the shout out, love! I'm in great company. If only we did have the same landlord then we would be NEIGHBORS!

Happy Sunday!

Jen said...

Thanks for including me!

I am enjoying the other reads!

Bless you!