Monday, November 22, 2010

Wish for Snow {Giveaway- CLOSED}


I love seasons. I love how they so adequately express the cycles and changes ones goes through in life. As much as I sometimes loathe the fact that Chicago can get three seasons in one day I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While it is currently my favorite season, fall, with each day that passes without sun and with more leaves on the ground than the trees I start looking forward to winter and that first fresh snow. I love the look of wonder and excitement that shows on my children’s faces every year. Each year the first snow is like a long lost friend that they had forgotten about and it fills them with excitement and wonder.

Do you live somewhere that doesn’t get snow? I really can’t imagine a winter without it! This year snow can do more then cleanse the earth and make it look pristine again. This year a little snow can mean a lot for Children’s Hospital across the country.

I have had the pleasure of again working with 77kids to help spread the word on their Wish 4 Snow Initiative. The goal of this program is to create 100,000 virtual snowflakes representing wishes for children. If we can create 100,000 snowflakes by by December 14th 77Kids by American Eagle will donate $25,000 dollars to 8 Children’s Hosptial’s around the country.

I was very drawn to working with 77kids because of their desire to teach kids to give back to their community. This particular project is very near and dear to my heart. While I have been blessed enough to have healthy children I have spent a lot of time with children and parents who are not so blessed. I started volunteering at my local Children’s Hospital when I was only 16 years old. I worked with a dear friend of mine to start a holiday project to deliver gift baskets to parents that are in the hospital with their children over the holidays. I have seen first hand how donations like this make a difference in the kids life.

There are 2 ways you can participate in the Wish 4 Snow Initiative:

  1. When you shop at 77kids, you are have the opportunity to donate 77 cents or more to that particular store's hospital of choice. Upon donating, your little one can create a snowflake in the store with his or her wish for other children on it.
  2. If you don’t have a store near by, you can create a virtual snowflake with a holiday wish on it through Dec. 14. When100,000 snowflakes have been created, eight children's hospitals around the country will receive $25,000 from 77kids by American Eagle. {And for each snowflake you create, you'll be entered to win a $77 gift card given away daily}.

So some of you may be wondering...what is this 77Kids and why have I not heard about such a fabulous company? 77kids is the kids line form American Eagle carrying sizes 0-14 for boys and girls. I had the opportunity this past weekend to get a sneak peak at the brand new store that opened in Woodfield. I was already a fan of the clothes. My kids received t-shirts from 77kids when they participated in Do Good Day  and they love how soft they are.

Other then hearing about the Wish4Snow initiative and making our own show flakes (my kids wished for Legos and Happy Mommies} there were lots of things to love in this store.

As a mom who very infrequently takes her kids shopping with her I appreciated how geared towards the kids the store was. My kids do not like shopping, my son especially. They have no patience for waiting while I look at thinks and peruse sales rack. Aside from all the safety features the store has, rounded edges and extra holds on the shelves, there is plenty for kids to do. From dancing images on the floor, to mirrors, drawing boards, pillows to relax on and the most popular photo booth.

The other feature that really stood out for me was the dressing rooms. They were not only kid friendly with bright colors and padded benches, or in the boys case benches made of skateboards. Both the boys and girls dressing room featured portals so that a self conscious child who doesn’t want to come out to the middle of the store can show things to mom with out opening the door or coming out. Such a great idea! I want those in women’s room’s too!


Another popular feature was the interactive holiday window display. My kids spent quiet a good bit of time racing the birds down the ski hill!


Would you like to check out a 77Kids store on your own? Maybe pick up some cute matching holiday shirts like Hyacynth? I have a $50 gift card to giveaway to one you lovely readers!

To enter:
Simply make a virtual snowflake and help us reach the 100,000 goal.

Leave a comment telling me what you wished for on each snowflake you create, and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to be used in store or online at 77kids!

For extra entries {leave a comment for each}:
Like 77kids on Facebook
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Good Luck!

* Giveaway will run until Midnight on December 6th. Winner will be chosen by and will have 48 hours to respond. 

* Disclosure: I was compensated by The Motherhood and 77Kids to participate in this promotion and host the giveaway. As always, all opinions expressed are mine and mine alone. 


Unknown said...

I wished for Christmas snow, but ONLY Christmas snow, then it can go back up to 70 degrees thankyouverymuch!

AMY said...

I wished for my son to get healthy and stay healthy.

AMY said...

I like 77kids on facebook.

Unknown said...

I made a snowflake, pinkisses, wished for happiness
shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Like 77kids on Facebook
Evelyn D

Unknown said...

Like 77kids on twitter

Erin said...

I wished for Tommy to stay healthy. :)

chelsei said...

I wished for tolerance on the first snowflake I made called EVAH'S WHIMSY

chelsei said...

I wished for compassion on the 2nd snowflake I made Lil Miss Snow.

chelsei said...

I like 77Kids on FB
Chelsei Ryan

Unknown said...

I like 77Kids on FB

Unknown said...

I like 77Kids on Twitter

@megryansmom said...

I created a fun snowflake

kdrosas at gmail dot com said...

following @77kids
kdrosas at gmail dot com said...

like 77kids on fb
kdrosas at gmail dot com

ksm said...

wished for snow!

Meghan Finley said...

I wished for the snow to stay online where it belongs! And for all for my family to stay healthy this holiday season

Meghan Finley said...

I like 77kids on FB

Meghan Finley said...

I'm a 77kids twitter fan @immortalb4

Angie said...

I wished for love and peace - not very original but still something to wish for! Looks like a cute store, never heard of it! - Angie

Anonymous said...

I wished for every kid to have a present this Christmas! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I follow them on twitter @desmoinesdealin scg0087 at yahoo dot com

Deanna said...

I wished for happiness! :)

Deanna said...

I Like 77kids on Facebook.

Deanna said...

I follow 77kids on Twitter as "calidreamin87"

Kate said...

I wished for 2011 to be a wonderful year!

kclements2001 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anne said...

I made "Annes Awesome Flake" and wished for health

ajolly1456 at gmail dot com

Anne said...

I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly) of 77kids
ajolly1456 at gmail dot com