Thursday, December 2, 2010


MamaKat asked what inspires you to write?

Rolling Sky - 09 June 2009
{Photo Credit 1Sock via Flickr Creative Commons}

I started to write, to get our of my head. To make sense of the swirls, the waves, the clouds of confussion and madness from PPD, to every day struggles. Writing was an outlet, an oasis that got me out of my head and allowed me to see clearly.

Sun streaming through the clouds near Loris, SC
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It's still that, and more. I still mostly write to make sense of the clouds, to understand what is in my head. I have also found it fills me. To be creative, to create stories. I never would have imagined this. I never liked writing. Well I liked research writing. Studying a topic, researching a topic and arguing a point. I never expected to be so inspired to write possibly poetry

Now I am inspired not just by the swirling words in my head that need to be aligned but by everything around me. 

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Brittany said...

A very neat analogy!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

And that is exactly what makes you such a wonderful blogger.

Anonymous said...

Great explanation! I've always liked to write, but, as you said, research writing, analysis, argument. Creative writing is a different muscle somehow. A very powerful muscle that can respond to and get a response from almost anything.

Eliz Frank said...

I like the way you turned your musings into a poetic piece... We write for a variety of reasons and I do like yours.
Stopped by via MamaKat's Writer's Workshop.
Happy Holidays!