Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Back, Good bye 2010

I'm not one to look back on a year and say "don't let the door hit you on the way out". Despite how hard and difficult this year has been. There has been as many ups as there have been downs and despite all the heartache there has been much joy. It would not have been the year I wrote for myself, but I am not in charge, so I continue to walk the path that is set out before me and know that I am in good hands.

A look back at 2010 with some of my favorite posts:

January: Brotherly Love

February: The Invisible Scar

March: Everyday Joys

April: Dance of the Words and Overload of Art (I couldn't decide!)

May: The Feet of a Runner (man I can't wait to start again!)

June: I stretched my creative muscles in Creativity Boot Camp (I couldn't pick just one!)

July: Why my husband does the grocery shopping: All Coupons, No Savings

August: Onward Solider

September: Was a month of Embracing Shortcomings and accepting that There is No Perfect Here.

October: Spiraling Down (working more on my fiction)

November: An Abundant Life (another attempt at poetry)

December: The Best Gift

Here's to new beginnings and a very Happy New Year! Full of new life, new adventures, new projects...just full!


Hyacynth said...

Happy New Year!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

I love this type of post. Here's hoping that next year brings more ups than downs.

suzannah | the smitten word said...

to a joyous 2011!