Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I love decorating the Christmas tree each year. We have boxes of ornaments, we don't use them all. That means every year the tree is a little different.

This year was a little chaotic, I couldn't do as much and the kids wanted to do everything. So we ended up with a lot of branches that look like this:

I P1000165

We actually had one branch that had over 6 ornaments on it. So last night my husband and I went through and straightened it up a little bit. We didn't do as much as usual (I will refrain from mentioning the size of the tree as the reason).

We pulled out just a few of our favorite and cherished ornaments, leaving many still in boxes this year. The tree is just to small we are just out of time. It's time to get on with the celebrating and less with the doing.

We still have plenty of stories and memories on the tree:


My grandma loved birds. She had several of these clips, blown glass with tassel tail. We bought one of our own at the Christmas Market but the worn ones of my youth are my favorite.


This little guy is part of a pair. From our pre-child days. Every year we would take my Christmas bonus and spend an evening on State Street. Visit Marshall Fields, the Christmas Market, and do all our holiday shopping. There was something about these little guys that we fell in love with . It also ended up being our last year of the tradition as I ended up pregnant the next year.


This angel I love. It doesn't have an sentimental story. I think I got it at 10,000 Villages. I just love the way she picks up the lights of the tree and reminds me that angels are all around us.

This has been a year of angels for me so it holds extra meaning for this year.

Do your ornaments share stories? Do you do a theme? A hodge podge? and most important.....What's on top? I need a new topper.


HarmSkills said...

im sure it looks fab and decorated (even if all on one branch) with love!

Unknown said...

That's really neat that your tree is differnet every year. I buy a couple of ornaments every year so ours is looking a little overloaded - thinking this might be the year we have to get a bigger one. We have a wooden snowman's face who's hat says The Rocks at the top of our tree.

Hyacynth said...

I loved getting a glimpse of your favorite ornaments and hearing some of the meaning. Ornaments around here are sentimental, too, so I really enjoy hearing about other people's, too.
Our tree looked a lot like yours before we fixed it, too. It might have tipped over if we didn't redistribute the ornaments. ;)