Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PMA goes a long way {Bigger Picture Moments}

In the go, go, go of our everyday lives we offer you a chance to sit back, reflect, and appreciate the little things. 
The beauty in the everyday, from spilled milk to the wondrous things are children say. 
No moment is too small.
No words are to few.
Join us!


Angel a Montjuic
{Photo Credit Xavi}

There is this peppy little cheerleading show that I am almost embarrassed to admit I watch. The head cheerleaders tag line is “positive outcomes only!”. During high school gymnastics we had a similar slogan: PMA: Positive Mental Attitude.

It’s been a rough month. With the cold and dark of December comes the stress of the holidays as well as deep buried hurts and issues. It’s easy to get swallowed whole and wallow in it all. That's what I have been doing. Focusing on all the would a, could a, should a. All the things that are going wrong. All the things I am failing to do. All the things I don't want to do or face. The darkness of the baggage of the season is creeping in and threatening to blanket me.

So I am pulling up the boot straps, slapping on a smile and trying to remember “positive outcomes only!”. Because really? I am so blessed. It’s hard, it’s tiring, and things have been going wrong but I am going to try to be more positive and (inspired by Maegan) find the blessings in my reality.

Reality: My house is mess. Flours are in desperate need of washing and vacuuming and apparently I am the only one that can load and unload a dishwasher or empty sock drawer. Hearing from the allergist that we need to vacuum more, doesn't help.

Blessings: I have a house. No I have a nice house with 100 year old (original) wood floors and features. The furnace works and we are not cold at night. I have the money to pay the (ack, cough, outrageous) electric bill. We have more room than we need even if I feel cluttered in. I know I need to vacuum more, but I'm not supposed to and I have two children that fight (yes it's true) over who gets to use the vacuum I just need to delegate better.

Reality: Monday marked day eight of a stomach virus in our house.

Blessing: I didn’t have to go out in the 50mph winds and 1-3degree temperatures to drive the kids to school. The kids caught up on PBS, Christmas movies and each other. Despite doctors orders I pulled out some Christmas boxes and the enjoyed an afternoon reacquainting themselves with Christmas toys. I DIDN"T GET IT! Seriously, that is the hugest blessing. Pregnant, with a hernia, me is the only person in the house that didn't get it. (I am now convinced chocolate chip cookies had medicinal properties)

Reality: 5 minutes after pulling out the Little People Nativity my (I swear they go to Christan school) children were in a knock down drag out fight over The Inn

Blessing: My son can be (with gentle reminders) very calm and patient with his sister. Turns out the brouhaha was because she wanted Joseph and Mary to sleep in the beds at the inn “well people sleep in beds, they don’t sleep in the barn” (umm I swear it was only a week ago that she was the star of Bethlehem in the school nativity!). He retold the story with little people acting it out about their being no room in the inn. She relented and peace was restored.

Reality: I am physically limited. I have an umbilical hernia and a low sitting baby. Not to mention that in all of 2010 I have only spent 12weeks not pregnant. My body is a bit tired.

Blessing: Baby is still here, growing, kicking as I type. The pain, forces me to slow down and remember how lucky and blessed we are. Remember how much we were hurting and how our prayers were answered. I can only imagine how much more I would be cramming in my days if I physically could do more.

So it's been a crazy week, I didn't even mention the trip to the allergist, the dead car battery, the whirlwind day where hubs and I got all our Christmas shopping started and done. My life is crazy and it's time I just accept that crazy is where we are right now and grin and bear it. Because really?

I am so blessed.

I can scowl, and scoff and try to tame the crazy. Or I can join in the crazy, laugh and smile with them and move on. I'm trying to remember to just be positive and go with it. I'm being reminded that a positive attitude goes a long way!

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Hyacynth said...

Oh, yes. That's so true.

If it would lift your spirit even more, I'd love to have you over next Wednesday morning as a few of my girlfriends and I talk about the Advent book I gave you a few weeks ago. Kids welcome with limited childcare and a plethora of toys.

I'm so thankful for all of your blessings. So very thankful. :)

Marci said...

This was a great read..and so true. How often we all forget that there are blessings in the madness. Thank you for reminding me!