Saturday, December 18, 2010

Savory Saturday: Why Labels are Important

The art of kitchen utensils
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Yeah I missed last week, sorry to my one fan (hi Shaunna!). It was an insane busy week filled with sick kids and husbands. I thought you could do without another “how we managed to avoid the grocery store again” post. Your welcome.

The Plan:
We didn’t meal plan this week. Busy pre-Christmas activities, stomach bug etc. We did manage to go to the grocery store so there was a basic plan:

1.Something with chicken breasts, cacciatore maybe
2. Chili
3. Roast
4. Meat loaf
5. Leftovers
6. Frozen Pizza

The Reality:

Sunday: Stomach flu (enough said). Everyone fended for themselves depending on what day/level of recovery they were at.

Monday: Roast Beef with mashed potatoes and frozen veggies.
Look I took a picture!

 I made this (go me!) with out the roasted veggies from the recipe. They would have been so good but I didn’t have them on hand and no car to go get them.
Picky Eater Rating: One bite! She ate her required one bite of beef which took the entire dinner to chew and swallow. Still won’t touch taters, but she picked out the peas from the carrots.

Tuesday: Today is a lesson in why you label your freezer bags. There was a package in the freezer, one that my husband assured me “felt” like chicken breasts. We racked our child riddled brains and thought that sounded right so planned a meal around it. Went to the store to get the ingredients, took it out of the freezer the night before, I was set. Until I opened it to see how defrosted it was and discovered that the chicken, was actually pork. Oops. So we had pan friend pork, rice and frozen green beans.
Picky Eater Rating: Persistence and Chocolate pay off! Seriously parents, don’t back down, don’t fret over sending your kids to bed with no dinner because it will pay off. She ate all her pork (two small pieces), all her green beans, and one bite of rice. I am sure the motivation of the school treat bag (Hershey kisses) would have gotten me two bites of rice since she said she liked it.

Wednesday: We planned on buying and attempting the chicken again. However it was not on sale and was horribly overpriced. It was also a late night, the boys went to get haircuts and mommy and Peanut were exhausted after a day at the allergist office so we coped out and ordered pizza.
Picky Eater Rating: Of course she ate it!

Thursday: Leftover night! It’s another late school night so we used the left over roast beef to make steak sandwiches.
Picky Eater Rating: We didn’t even bother, she had a peanut butter sandwich. No one wanted to waste the beef on her!

Friday: We have been trying to do some family outings or special nights on Friday’s before the baby gets here. So I did make chili in the afternoon but our visit to Santa took longer than expected so we surprised the kids with dinner at Steak and Shake. Because what’s an adventure if you don’t get to have a milkshake while you wait for dinner?
Picky Eater Rating: Of course she got Mac and Cheese (the other child got corn dogs).

Saturday: Chili

We have bought chicken (it’s on sale this week!) so we are going to attempt to make our chicken slow cooker recipe for dinner on Sunday while we are at the Church/School Christmas Program. We’ll see, for some reason we also seem to have problems with making chicken when we plan it!

How’s your cooking coming this week? I'm also hoping to get some holiday baking in, finally!

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