Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Hand on Stone

Five Minutes, based on a Photo. See the lower right hand corner of photo.


Her hand is resting on the stone wall. Warm from the sun despite the cool breeze coming off the water. It’s rough and sandy but soft at the same time. She thinks of all the hands that have touched this stone. The young and old, rich and poor, Noble, pious, sinners and beggars alike. She touched this stone before 40 years ago when she was young, full of life and hope. Her hands were long and slender, still bony and vein but the bones knuckles didn’t bulge like they do now. Growing in size as the decrease in strength.

The memories come flooding back and she chokes back the tears. H was so young, so strong. Willing and ready to do everything and anything she suggested no matter how ridiculous or expensive. It was their honeymoon! A once and life time chance to make memories! Memories they did, 39 + years of them.

She hears the tour guide calling and she takes a deep breath. She doesn’t want to forget the beauty of this stone, the small of the water, the blueness of sky. She wants to smell the cafes below and remember the meal they had. The one they paid far too much for because it was in the square where all the tourists would want to stop and eat. Her heart lurches again.

She thought she could make this journey again without him, her love, he partner her spouse, but her heart aches and doesn’t think she can. Tears fill her eyes as she removes her hand from the warm stone and feels the cool breeze pass by it and realizes, she’s not alone. He is here, in her heart where he will always be.


I will now admit I cheated. I hope I can still continue to play! That photo was clearly not on my camera. But I'm doing a 365 project so technically right now there is nothing on my camera (already cleared and uploaded). I also wanted to push myself to create a fictional story/character with old memories. This photo is from my honeymoon. It was taken at the top of St. Mark's in Venice. I choose this one because when I was scrolling through the images I was struck by the hand, I thought it was mine until I zoomed in and saw it was older, and then the story same to me. I wrote after the timer ended so I could finish the sentence and the story. Oh and I used spell check because really, if spell check couldn't decipher my typing, either could you, but that's it, no other editing!

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Lenae said...

Love where you took this! Very poignant.

Alita said...

Oooooh let the creative juices flow Mel. Great piece to ponder on and enjoy.

Word candy :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this!