Monday, January 24, 2011

Nursery Obsession

Nesting Week continues and today we are going to talk serious nesting, fluffing up the nest so to speak. Nursery Decorating!

I am currently obsessed with nursery decor. It's really unfortunate because there is no, and will be no nursery to decorate. Well not really. See we live in a 3 bedroom house and currently my two kids share a teeny tiny in our upstairs (raised attic) next to the master bedroom. It works for them, it would be an adorable nursery. Our third bedroom in on the first floor.

So the first problem is with a 3 year old that is such a terrible sleeper (it's only gotten slightly better). We have no desire to be running up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. We also need to replace the very old door knob on our front door. It's also winter so things like fixing the front door and painting are not fun projects. We also would be disrupting the lives of our children mid school year n more ways than you can count. Oh and my husband wants to make sure this point is made. All of my children have slept in our room for 8 weeks (son) to 6 months (daughter) and both were out of the crib by 18 months. He feels spending time and money (mostly money) on something that will only be used for 12ish months, wasteful. (he may have a point but we won't let him know that).

I feel like Erin (who is a fabulous decorator/designer, I want her to come do my house!). While i know this baby will not even know that it didn't get a nursery, it's still kind of part of the process. Of nesting, of preparing everyone in the family for the arrival. Making a space and mark for them.

Our First Nursery
Second "nursery" they shared it, I loved that blue!
Not having a space to prepare, heck at this point I don't even have a dresser to put clothes in, makes it feel a little less eventful, fun. I know the reasoning makes so much sense. But sense doesn't always factor in to pregnancy and emotions. So I torture myself and I window shop for new bedding. Some of my favorites:
Skip Hop Treetop Friends

MiGi Blossom
And the Height of My Obsession Dwell, I stalk these hoping they will be reduced to a price hubs can swallow. (all links are Amazon affiliate links, maybe if you click through and buy something, like a car, I can afford the bedding?)
DwellStudio Crib Set, Owls

DwellStudio® for Target® Dot Fun Crib Set

DwellStudio Baby Crib Set, Garden Blossom

I think the owls are my favorite. 

So did you set up a nursery for each child? Same as the last or different? 

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Claire said...

I love the owls! I am a sucker for blossoms, though. This baby will feel so lucky having both an older brother and older sister, they won't think about whether they have a nursery!

I'm so excited for you about the baby. I can't wait to meet him or her!

suzannah | the smitten word said... the first did get a crib and cute (girly) bedding, which #2 (boy) pretty much sleeps on now.

he got kind of a raw deal in that our plan is eventually for them to share #1's big room, so now he's in a glorified closet--and he's 15 months old. i don't think he cares, tho;) (he slept with us for the first three months, too.)

i wish i were a decorator type person, but i am not. it is fun to window shop/dream, tho:)

jdkampa said...

Looks like we had the same 1st nursery theme...Malawi? I had a different nursery for all the kids. Bought the Malawi for Dominic thinking it would be gender neutral in case we had more kids. But Allison was born when Dominic was still in his crib, so she got her own bedding/decor (Pottery Barn Kids - bought used for super cheap on Craigslist). I absolutely LOVE Pottery Barn Kids bedding, so I ended up finding a great set at our neighborhood garage sale for Natalie.

Angie said...

I don't comment often but had to on this one. I too love to have a nursery even though we have never used it. Seriously, our kids never slept in their crib - they've always slept with us in our bed. In the place we are now we have no room for a crib at all. I do have a cradle which Cole naps in and I occasionally put him in at night when I just need some space to stretch out! With the first two, I had to have bedding but I did it thriftily. I bought the girls on ebay (Pottery Barn even!) and the boys at a thrift shop (Pottery Barn again!!). There's nothing wrong with buying used and washing it up. Babies don't make that big of messes. Anyway, I totally get the need to set up a nursery even if its not being used. There's just something to seeing a crib all set up that makes you smile. :)

Carrie said...

I'm obsessed with nursery decor, too. You should see the time I put into creating each one for my kids! It's an illness! But, they are so darn fun to create it's hard not to go all out. {popping over from SITS!}

Hyacynth said...

I feel you. We never had a real nursery with either kid. And likely will never again since both of our children have refused crib sleeping anyway.
Loooove those owls. And everything pink. {Can you guess why? lol}

KLZ said...

Oh, I like the owls too!

I mean, boo, they are all unnecessary!

I'm not sure which helps...