Thursday, January 6, 2011

Simply Doing


I'm really big on fresh starts. New Year, New Month, New Week. All reasons to kick off something new, start fresh. This year, I wasn't really feeling the whole resolution thing. Maybe it's the pregnancy. The chaos of the last 3 months. I don't know. I do know that a resolution or goal won't happen or stick if I'm not feeling it. If the desire, the need, the want for change isn't in me it won't last 12 hours.

I started seeing posts about adopting a word, phrase, or theme for the year instead of a resolution. I read Amy's post on being intentional.  It was the inspiration I needed.


I've been feeling weighted down by many things and just taking the time to make this. To set out with intention and purpose was actually freeing. I was frittering from one thing, one pile, one to do to the next. I set out to do something, I started, I finished.

My most important:


In Him, in me. To have trust and faith.


The things I want to do and make weight me down. It's time to just do, and by my doing:


Inspire my children as well as others around me. My children painted and drew with me while I worked on this and we had a peaceful afternoon with no TV, and little whining. 

It was simple and inspiring and will hopefully serve to guide, inspire, and remind.

A simple afternoon of crafting, leading to a (hopefully) fulfilling year. 

What was your Simple Moment this week?
Be sure to visit Sarah and share yours with the community. The Simple Moments make up the Bigger Picture of our lives, when we take the time to remember and relish them. 


Lenae said...

I like your resolution. Simple, yes -- but with a world of possibility. You're already inspiring me :)

Alita said...

I'm big on FRESH starts, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your tangible list of words there! I'm not a crafty person. At all. So I always admire others' creations! I picked a few words to strive for this year as well, but don't have them in front of me anywhere. (Just one word? Are you kidding me?) BTW, I especially love your word "inspire." That's a great word. =)