Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stories in the Woodwork


My house is almost 100 yrs old. It's pretty much the only way my husband got me in the suburbs. An old, architecturally interesting, semi historic house

I love imagining the stories that this house could tell. The people whose hands have lifted that knocker. Their reasons for visiting. Was it a door to door salesman? Was it a solider coming home? Was it a bearer of great news and excitement or was he to bring the sad news that a son wasn't coming home.


The bubbling varnish, the cracking paint, the nails of all different sizes and shapes. They are all pieces to the story. Put there one at a time, for different reasons by different people. Who chose the paint? Eighty years ago was it as it is now, "whatever you want honey" as the women ticked off what she wanted? Did her husband do it all and say "here is your house!". What could be found under the layers of paint? Was it once a cheerful green or blue? Is it covering up a beautiful wood?

Oh if these doors could talk. 


The scratches, the blemishes. These are probably from a dog, who was serving his timeout in the bathroom. I imagine telling my children stories of trolls in the bathroom, or bad little children who were locked in. We're a little Brother's Grim like that. They are our doorways now, our chance to create and weave stories and tales. Maybe someday we will sand out the blemishes, restore the wood to it's original glory. 

I imagine the wood sighing with relief, puffing it's chest to revel in it's beauty. 

Than again maybe we won't. 

Like the scars on our body and heart these blemishes and dings tell the story of a life lived, loved, enjoyed. 


We will invite both joy and sorrow through these doors. We will add to the beauty and the blemishes as we go through this life. If these doors could talk, the stories they would tell. 

Simple Stories told in the old wood of a house filled with love. That's my Simple Moment this week. 

What was your Simple Moment this week?
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Lenae said...

Your house sounds lovely and charming, with all its beauty and blemishes. Gotta love older houses and their wealth of history; how fun to be able to add to it!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

we live in an old farm house, and i do like to imagine its history and the families who've lived before us:)

C.G. Koens said...

That's a beautiful door! Our home is only 61 years old, but I fell in love with the original doors the minute we first stepped foot in the house. Great history!

Brooke said...

I love all the character of your home that you captured! Lovely :D

tiarastantrums said...

our home is newly built when we moved in - no charm yet!

Hyacynth said...

I adore old houses, and I've admired the charm and beauty of yours everytime we've visited.
Lovely simply moment making up the bigger picture, Melissa. And I'm loving your captures this week!

Lisa Noel said...

It looks like YOUR house has character, mine is just falling apart around me. It was built in the early 40s but redone by the previous owner who had no business attempting any DIY projects!!!!

Jen said...

Nice perspective on the first shot!

Mia said...

Beautiful thoughts of your home. I love old houses for the same reason.

Your house seems lovely. ♥

Unknown said...

It is amazing to think about how many people have used that door knocker and for what reason... love your writing.

Gina Kleinworth said...

I absolutely LOVE places like that- they absolutely fascinate me. Gorgeous shots!

Kam said...

So beautiful!

Alita said...

I adoooooooooooooooore old homes. I love guessing what the walls would say. I guess I'll always be a romantic that way.