Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday Thoughts on Tuesday

Yeah, it's that kind of week.

I wrote (yes, with a pen and paper) my plan for this post and the week out on Sunday morning while the kids were in Sunday school. Than we went to my mother-in-laws for the afternoon and I got to sit alone (ALONE) and watch the football game. I had planned to blog while watching but a) I'm 11 years pregnant and it's hard to get up and b) the Bears forgot that they have to play all four quarters (you don't win if you don't finish on top!). So I spent the fourth quarter stressing that they would throw it away (they didn't).

Than it was Monday. Oh Monday....no school, outing with friends, obnoxious kids (mine, it was awful), closing on our re-fi (hand cramp from so many signatures!) and hiding in my room all night (see above about kids). I barely had the brain power to tweet last night.

So let's pretend it's Sunday, not Tuesday, okay?

Chain link
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Good Linkage:
If you haven't read these post, you missed out, go read them now (they are way more coherent than me!)
Blatant Self Promotion
Last week was apparently story week here. 
  • Did you read my fiction last week? I wrote about a photo, Hand on a Stone, and on the prompt Grizzled
  • The stories in the woodwork of our home. 
  • Coming clean about the guilt I feel for being pregnant prompted some really thoughtful discussion in the comments, what do you think?

Nest ,June 5
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Nesting Week Starts Friday!

After having a near anxiety/panic attack in the baby aisle at Target over the decision on whether, and which bottles to buy I decided I need to spend some time focusing on the positive. So starting Friday (with an AWESOME giveaway) it's going to be Nesting Week, at Peanut butter in my Hair. We're going to talk:
  • Pregnant feet
  • Cravings
  • Bedding/Nursery Decor (what I would do if my husband said yes)
  • Needs (the few things I actually need)
  • What's in a name?
  • Just for fun, the cute, the cuter, and the just for mom
It will be like fun little party where you can share your favorites too! 


Unknown said...

Wow you are seriously good at lists! I need this kind of urgency and sense of purpose. But kids do that to you..and I don't need those right now. hahaha. I chose a career path at the moment.

Love your blog!

Shell said...

11 years pregnant? LOL

Well, at least that means the baby is almost here!