Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's in a Name?

Nesting Week continues and today we are going to talk Names:

Ahh, choosing a name, the fun part...right?

We have about 22 days until we meet this baby and we have no names. Above (sorry it's pixelated, I am brain dead and can't figure it out today!) are some of the names we have tossed around.

Problem number 1: we don't know what we're having, no I need 2 names, well technically 4 if you count middles.

Problem 2: My husband and I are not agreeing on anything.

See out first two children's name start with the same letter of the alphabet. I don't want it to seem like it's a "thing" we're doing, because it's not. There is also these need he has to "save" names for the potential next baby. So a name that I like and would be a perfect middle name for the one girl name with bot agree on, is "not allowed" because if we have another girl....oh it makes my head hurt!

These may be the first child who isn't named in the OR, or maybe even at the hospital at the rate we're going!

So, leave me some more ideas! We have a one syllable German last name (think more of a sound than a name!). We like old, classic, if male strongly masculine names.

Was naming easy for you? Did you know right away or debate it until the bitter end?

Oh and did you tell anyone? I guess that could be a whole other post, but we don't tell anyone until baby is here. We like knowing that the name "fits" the baby!

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Jami said...

I tend to like names that aren't common but that aren't weird either. Like normal names that aren't overused like Levi, Owen, Nathan, or Liam. I don't have girls, so I have no girl names for you. Good luck!

Hyacynth said...

When we were talking about names at your Sprinkle, I had to giggle because we share the same taste in names. I've also been vetoed more times than I can count. :)
Luckily, we're not pregnant over here right now so the name debate is at a lull. But the moment a positive pregnancy test emerges on the scene, well, game ON!

Alita said...

First- the names.

I like classic names, too.
and I'll throw an Italian one out there for ya, too. ;) ...Samuele (meaning God has hearkened) I think it would go nicely with the second name.

Girls- well that is easy for me.
Jewel ;)


It was easy to pick out our names. Dominic was supposed to be Dominic Ramon though, but my brother stole it. So my nephew has Domo's name. ugh...

Kam said...

We are incredibly Type A. Or I am, anyway, so we went through the baby name book and wrote down EVERY name either of us liked for boys and for girls and then we each took turns crossing a name off of our list until we got to our top 2 picks for each one (so we could make the final call when we actually saw the baby). I know, we are crazy. I don't know if we will go through all of the same insanity if we have another one. And we definitely NEVER tell the name until the baby is here because everyone has an opinion! Good luck!

Kate at Big City Belly said...

Ok, how do you feel about Jacob? I also like Caleb, I see it on your list. I think both are strong and classic.

As for the girl name, what? You have one and he wants to save it? NO! Bad idea. Use it.

Unknown said...

It was pretty easy for us...we had them picked out well before they were born...esp Maddy since I thought each time that we were having a baby that it was a girl. I like that you don't tell anyone to make sure that the name fits. Did you make a choice not to find out? I was so gung ho to find out what we were having but now looking back - it's one of life's surprises that I wished I had waited for. Hope that you are able to come up with something that fits and you both love!

Natalie said...

My son's names are Andrew & Nathan. My daughter is Jolie but her middle name is my maiden name. Her's is my favorite out of the 3.

I love Wesley for a boy. And Samuel. For a girl? Kate is my favorite. But it has family meaning for me.

Lenae said...

Oh, it's been a major debate for every single one of our kids. My husband, normally very laid-back about most things, shocked me at how opinionated he was regarding names! This latest discussion for our first girl was the most intense yet! (Oh, and yes, we told people beforehand... I never felt the need to wait, but I totally get why some people do.)

Can't wait to see what your little bundle is and the name you guys decide on!

Tasha Lehman said...

I love the process of naming a baby, even if it is stressful! We named our youngest Charles Elliot and we call him Charlie. It's a really formal sounding name but the kid is a riot. I think he'll grow into it nicely though. :) As for girl names, we never had any girls so I have all kinds of names in my brain! Victoria is my middle name so I always wanted to use that for a girl. I love Kate Victoria. We also loved Abigail. But, alas, I'll never get use them. *sigh* Good luck and have fun!

spalatorie auto said...

From the list you mentioned I like Lucas, George, Violet and Adelaide. I also like Michael, Sophie, Christina, Cameron, Liam. Good luck with the names.