Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Last Week!

I want to start by thanking everyone for all the kind and wonderful comments and discussion on Monday's post. It was amazing. I am going to try to lighten things up a bit today . 

Ignore how badly the mirror needs to be cleaned
It’s my last week of pregnancy. It feels like I have been pregnant for at least 8 years! I’m actually looking forward to the birth because I think I will sleep better if  I’m not so uncomfortable (I know, newborn amnesia right?).

So with a little help from my friends I give you:

You know your in the last week of your pregnancy when ….

  •  You turn to Twitter to write a post for you and you still can’t manage to get it up until halfway through the next day! 
  • If you actually look forward to the possibility of your water breaking in the middle of the grocery store! ~ Maegan 
  • They throw you a going away party at the OB office and your doctor says “it feels like this pregnancy has lasted 8 yrs”
  • If you feel something bulging and you aren't sure if it's baby's head or hemorrhoids. ~ Kelli
  • Your tired as soon as you manage to roll, shimmy, shift and otherwise fall out of bed.
  • Your toes are a fond memory ~ Jennie
  • You have to go to the bathroom as soon as you get up from going to the bathroom.
  • A simple statement of fact ("You haven't had the baby yet!") makes you feel boiling rage at hapless person making small talk.~ Natalie
  • Trying to get the last urine sample qualifies you as a new act in Cirque Du Soleil
  • You stop laughing because it will make you pee yourself. ~Margaret
  • You get heartburn at the thought of food without actually consuming said food.
  • If peeing is a frequent but complicated endeavor. ~Rebekah
  • You no longer have any maternity shirt that completely covet your belly. And you don't care. ~ Jami  and Brandie
  • Your husband keeps the car running for the inevitable next craving run ~Lenae
  • You are ready to beat your husband because he bought the wrong cookies (or orange juice, or forgot .... ) ~ Amy
  • If you scream "no YOU walk" ~Dwana
  • If all you can think is "get it OUT" ~Dwana
  • Something falls on the floor and you contemplate how badly you actually need it. (editors not, if I drop it, it stays there until someone else picks it up!) ~ Tristina
  • You might as well just stay in the bathroom until you go into labor. ~Lenae
  • You seriously debate the merits of shoes despite below freezing temperatures and inches of snow.
  • You went on a long walk, jumped up and down, ate Mexican (or other spicy food), had sex, considered for more than just a moment to drink castor oil, tried out your new breast pump, and made a grocery run for pineapple... All in the same day.... twice ~Terah
  • Your due date came and went.. ~Terah
  • ‎You're sitting alone in your bedroom, stimulating your nipples, and cheering for contractions ~ Sarah
  • You lunge your way across the house, several times a day. ~ Sarah
  • You stop answering the phone because you'd rather not hear your Mother In Law's (or Mother's) incredulous 'No baby YET?!?' ~ Sarah
  • You need your husband (or child) to put your shoes on for you.- Kristy
I think that covers it. Did we miss any?


Angie said...

Wishing you good luck and all the happiness only a new baby can bring. Please let us know when he/she arrives! May your labor story be a good one. :) - Angie

This Heavenly Life said...

Haha! Those are hilarious :)

And I cannot BELIEVE that's a real belly, and not -- you know -- a coupla basketballs under your dress :) LOVE IT!

Alita said...

Those were just plain fun.

You are a cute preggers by the way. I just looked massive... or my boobs did anyway. heh.

Kate Pantier @ Mommy Monologues said...

Good luck!!!

And this is a hilarious post & they are all so true!!!

Lisa Noel said...

Oh my thats a lot of baby! I love the dropping onel soo true. I too used my kids to pick up my stuff when i was wpreggo w/#3

Emily said...

I wish you and your child strength, health and joy. The best of luck to you!