Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnancy Amnesia {Guest Post}

Today's guest post is from Jami: Wife, SAHM to two awesome boys, middle school teacher in a former life, reading specialist, scuba diver, chocoholic,reader,blogger, & lover of life. You can get to know Jami at Boy Crazed Momma. 

Several of my Twitter peeps & my BFF in real life is pregnant right now. And, while I don’t have any desire to join them, I can’t help but have a bit of that pregnancy amnesia right now.

You know what I’m talking about right? That amnesia that hits so that we mommas forget really just how miserable we were being pregnant so we will procreate again. ::And now all of you with multiple kiddos are nodding your heads::

Looking back on both of my pregnancies, I can’t help but think there are a few things I miss.

For starters?

Your belly is SUPPOSED to stick out over your pants

And followed closely by….

Naps. (This only applies to the first pregnancy because once you have one rug rat, let’s face it, you never sleep again.)

No guilt over eating ice cream every. single. night.

Feeling my babies moving inside of me—by far the BEST.

Getting to pick dinner every night


The anticipation of what gender the baby would be

Picking out names

Glowing &; clear skin—the only time in my life with no breakouts

Pedicures. Oh, the pedicures.

We won’t dwell on the thing I do NOT miss about being pregnant. After all I’m a glass is half full kind of person. At least today I am. But I will say…that list? It would be much longer.

What do you miss or love about being pregnant?


Stephanie said...

I totally relate! We're done with our one little one, but man I sure miss not feeling like I have to suck in my belly when I walk down the street or get up from a table at a restaurant! I felt sexy right up until the end of my pregnancy...it took a while to get that feeling back! :-)

Laura said...

Even almost two years later I don't miss being pregnant! I had possibly one of the easiest pregnancies ever and still am not really looking forward to that part. In fact, if I could just fast forward through that, except for maybe the ultrasounds and feeling kicks, I totally would.

Jessica said...

The part I liked about being pregnant was that other people constantly did things for me. I didn't have to carry groceries or clean the house or lift anything. It was all done for me, especially at the end when I was huge.