Friday, February 18, 2011

Tea Inspiration {Guest Post}

I adore Yogi tea for many reasons. I enjoy the taste, I believe in it's benefits, and I am so inspired by the zen quotes on the tags. This particular tag touched me deeply the other day. And ever since I read it, it has been on my heart and mind in very profound ways. I have spent quite a bit of time ruminating {don't you love that word} on all the different ways this quote so aptly applies in my life. It seems to fill the vast void of "what ifs" and "shoulds" and puts peace, calm, and contentment in their place.

I call upon this quote when I'm on the floor playing blocks with my kids rather than cleaning the bathrooms. And when I'm making gifts for my husband for his birthday rather than spending money we don't have on things we don't need, I think about this quote. And when I do I can see that, yes, this is more beautiful. And when I think about how others have chosen different paths in life, pursuing careers instead of staying home with children, I can see that for me, yes, this is more beautiful.

But I also reflect on these words in some more specific ways. When I think about the timing of life and it's opportunities, when I think about my personal parenting style, when I think my relationship with others, and most often when I'm comparing these things with other people; I have found myself reflecting on this quote and suddenly being okay with things, just as they are. Because how can you argue with such a beautiful truth: "whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing."

I think this quote's poignancy and power come from it's ability to recognize us all as independently unique and beautiful. And that it is our uniqueness, filled with our differences, strengths, and flaws, that makes us each so beautiful. So, given that we are choosing our actions from our most authentic core, how can our choices not be the most beautiful thing? So in in it's essence, this quote both reinforces the need to act and live authentically and reassures us that it will be beautiful. And what is more empowering than feeling as if the real you, the most authentic version of you, is beautiful.

Someday, I will find a way to hang this on my wall. But until then, these words are engraved on my heart and repeating in my head daily:

"  Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing."

Maegan is an amazing photographer and writer who helps others find and harness their creativity. You can find her beautiful words and images at Madeline Bea: Life Set to Words

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Hyacynth said...

You make me smile, Maegan. I love your take on life, and this quote brilliantly reminds me to make what I'm doing BE the most beautiful thing. Seeking true beauty rarely leads to no other place than at the Creator's feet for me. :)