Friday, February 11, 2011

Too Many Tacos!

This is a sponsored post from Alka-Seltzer and the Motherhood, please see end of post for full disclosure. 

Do you remember the game of telephone? You used to play it as a child. One child whispers something in one kids ear, who passes it to the next and so on and so on. By the time you get to the end of the line the sentence is nothing like it started.

Sometimes talking to my husband is like that. Especially when it involves ordering food. See he eats everything (that he's not allergic too) however it's prepared. I tend to not only be a little picky, but to order like Sally (if you don't remember "When Harry Met Sally" click the link).

This has proven to be especially tricky when you are trying to order food at a small very authentic Mexican Taqueria where the staff’s first language is not English.

When we were young, and dating, we used to frequent this small taco places. Well this was not like a Chiptole where everyone custom orders, you basically just tell them how many tacos you want. So hubs goes up to the counter to order our 4 tacos, two for him, and 2 for me with no tomatoes.

Waitress: You want?

Hubs: Um, yeah, (cause he’s always looking at the menu like he is going to order something different). I’ll take 4 tacos two with tomatoes two without.

W: Okay, that’s 4 tacos no tomatoes.

H: No, no no, 2 with tomatoes 2 without.

W: Okay, 4 tacos no tomatoes 2 with tomatoes

H: yeah

Me: Um hon, I think you just ordered 6 tacos?

H: No, 4. Turning to waitress 4 tacos.

W: yes 4 tacos with no tomatoes and 2 with, 7 tacos.


I don’t even remember how it ended. The poor waitress was so confused. We were confused. No one knew how many tacos we ordered.  It has become a running joke between us (10 years and still going) whenever he tries to order food....So you want 7 tacos and 15 with tomatoes.

Ah miscommunication at it’s tastiest!

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Disclosure: I was compensated by The Motherhood and Alka-Seltzer to write a post about a miscommunication. The story, opinions, etc. are all mine.  


Hyacynth said...

Um. That was so funny. Maybe because I can see the two of you playing this out in my head. But, nonetheless, hilarious.

Anonymous said...

lol Thats too funny! Im always picky when I order too. Everything has to be on the side. =)