Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Utopia for Parents and Kids, it Exists!

I have discovered a parents utopia, or at least this parent's utopia.

Oh and I didn’t really discover it, as much as I was told where it was and invited to come see it. Details, details.

This is a place that is cool and hip for moms and Dads and kids. I have debated telling you about it because if you don’t live in Chicagoland you are going to be really jealous. However as my friend Hyacynth said so wisely:
...if we don't support really stellar, family-focused places like Little Beans, they simply won't exist. And that would be a shame. (now if you are looking to start a business, I suggest this, we need more of these places!)

Okay, okay so what is this Utopia I am referring to?

It is everything this coffee loving mama has dreamed of since becoming a mama. Really. It’s half cafe, half play space and all kinds of wonderful. There is this amazing play area set up like a small town. The play houses are really top notch and no detail was spared

There are themed toys for each house from fire hoses to baby dolls. There is a craft station, ride-ons, books, and a fenced in, padded baby area for non walkers. There is even a family bathroom in the play area that has both a changing table and a child size potty.

But wait, there is more.

The play area is staffed.

Yes you heard me, staffed. With really wonderful and attentive people. They all really enjoyed playing with the kids, and actually played with them! They were on the ground catching them from the slide, helping them dress up, as well as returning (quite quickly I might add) toys to the proper locations.It allowed me some time to socialize with friends new and old as well as sit down and rest my tired pregnant belly!

Are you jealous yet because there is more, oh yes there is.

The cafe area is lined with glass windows so if you have an independent child you can let them freely play while you and your friends enjoy coffee and treats. Have a younger one that wants mom close by? There is a lounge (that boasts basketball and Foosball so it’s just as dad friendly as mom friendly) within-in the play area, so you can go relax and chat, and the kids can still have you close.

I know, I wish one was in my town too. I would go daily. For real.They also have classes for both moms and kids. For a little extra you can have your child fully supervised by their staff so you can work or take a  class (on premise).

If you are in the Chicagoland area you have got to go check them out. Oh and next winter, you’re meeting me there. Because a place this fabulous, is totally worth the 45minute drive into the city!

Disclosure: I was not compensated or asked to write this post. I was invited to the VIP launch event and treated to free admission and a really great meal. I choose to write about in hope that some entrepreneur will realize that this is exactly what suburbia needs. If that’s you, call me, I have a few ideas on locations....


Jen said...

Minnesota needs one of these!

Erin said...

Um, yes please, and thank you! What an awesome business model. I hope they expand nationally.

KLZ said...

Dude I just hope they move to the suburbs. Because I can only justify 45 minute drives so often