Monday, March 28, 2011

Praying for Boring

Oh friends, remember back in fall when I commented that I felt like Mayhem was following my family around? I guess about now is when I accept chaos is the norm!

Thursday was a day:
- school Drop offs
- dead phones
- nursing babies in gas station parking lots next to beer delivery trucks
- visit to DMV with direct orders to “please don’t get arrested today”.

... oh did you want me to explain that last one?

I just look like a mild mannered mom of three. The DMV has the ability to turn me into a stark raving mad lunatic. Three years ago when we moved here I went to get an updated license. In our state you need 72 (or three) pieces of identifying paperwork with your name and address on it. However I would say 95% of our bills come electronically, the rest are all in my husbands name (I told you I was a failed feminist). So after waiting in line forever I tentatively approach the counter with the 2 pieces of information with my name - but no address and a pile of bills in my husbands name. I explain my issue to the worker who says “no problem these are fine” and changes my license even though all the proof I had had my husbands name not mine.

I proceed to the counter to pay. They don’t take Visa (all I have), they don’t take checks, only cash or Discover. So I pull out my Discover, which has my husbands name on it. The clerk says:
"I can’t accept this because your not Mr. PBinmyHair."
Me: No, no I’m not but I am on the account.
Clerk: That doesn’t matter, is he here? Your name isn’t on the card I can’t accept it.
I may have gotten a little irate mentioning that it’s okay to not use my name to prove my existence but it was not okay to PAY them. I may have used expletives, and marched out in a big dramatic huff to use the ATM at the tanning salon that charges and arm and a leg to get cash.

This visit went so much better. For one I came with cash, and they have since started taking checks. However I think the presence of little bundle that everyone was afraid would start wailing any minute was the real reason. People held doors, let me go in front of them. I sped through the lines and except for the photo guy who was irritated that the stroller upset his flow (and punished me with a bad pic) all was well, no expletives, no arrests.

Back to the day

- husband car won’t start (he’s doing preschool pick up)
- my phone is dead he can’t reach me
- husband (in borrowed car) gets stuck at broken railroad crossing, still can’t reach me and is late for pick up
- borrowed cars alarm won’t stop going off
- hubs fixes first problem on broken car only to find another issue, the car dies at all red lights (did I mention we just replaced the battery and exhaust in the last 2 weeks?)
- finally everyone is home, rush through dinner, rush back to school for entertainment night
- collapse into bed in a exhausted mess with a painful belly

But wait! There’s more!

I woke up Friday morning and couldn’t stand up from the pain in my stomach. It was all centered around the umbilical hernia I have had since about 10 weeks into the pregnancy. I was crying, I was writhing, it was not good. I called the doctor, he said “Well those aren’t supposed to cause pain so I would go to the ER”.

So I asked twitter for prayers, my husband and I prayed and we started getting the kids ready to go.

The thing is with three kids you don’t just pick up and go to the ER at 6 in the morning. All three kids needed to be fed and dressed. Than I saw the power of prayer.

As I nursed Baby Bean, my pain subsided, I could sit up, I could move. We decided to wait it out until the surgeon I was referred to opened (7:30). When I originally called they couldn't get me in before April 6. This morning, he had an opening at 9am because someone cancelled, we weren’t going to have to take the baby to the germ ridden ER! To make a very long post shorter. We spent the day with a tired three year old (she got up at 5), a sore mommy, and a blessedly well behaved baby between the surgeon and the hospital. 1 CAT scan, 3 tubes of blood drawn and 5+ hours later I was scheduled for surgery, this coming Thursday.

Since asking for prayers worked so well in getting me in and taken care of so fast can I ask for some more? We woke up Saturday to sick kids. I am currently trying to figure out how to nurse through general anesthesia when the surgeon and lactation are in complete disagreement, and it’s spring break. Could you pray not only that surgery goes well and healing is fast but can you pray for some boredom around here? I could use a few weeks where nothing happens but day to day. Nothing breaks, no one needs to be rushed to the doctor, just plain old life.

Thanks friends!


Shell said...

Wow, girl! Sending you lots of prayers for boring!

I have the same problem with our bills- everything comes in my husband's name. I still don't have a license with the right address on it.

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, Melissa! I'll definitely pray for boredom and an easily done surgery with no breastfeeding difficulties added.

I'm picturing you resting easy after this excitement is all over :)

Hyacynth said...

Praying for boredom and offering milk if you want/need it.