Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simply Making Time {Bigger Picture Moments}

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Simple BPM

I like coffee.

No, that is not strong enough. I love coffee.

Not quiet it, here Tristina says it best:
Oh, coffee, my morning lover... You never cease to satisfy my every need.

day 168
Photo Credit: Hyacynth

There is nothing like wrapping cold sleepy hands around a mug of warm coffee, in a dark and quiet house.

I am spoiled as well as I have a live in barista. No I don’t live at Starbucks, my husband is much better than Starbucks. These days (since our espresso machine died) it’s nothing fancy, just plain coffee, but it’s made and ready when I get up. No matter what time I get up, it’s almost a guarantee that my husband has gotten up first and made coffee. It’s been so long since I made it myself I have to think really hard about how to do it, it’s not automatic anymore.

Another fact is that I need quiet in the morning.

It goes with my coffee just like creamer and cookies. Quiet time to read, email, twitter, listen to the news and prepare for the day. It’s why I get up an hour before my kids. So I can sit and enjoy my coffee and illicit breakfast cookies in the only peace and quiet my day will see.

I made this cup of coffee and it danced for me

I don’t have quiet these days.

Oh I still have coffee, lots of it.

But the quiet peaceful time to myself has all but disappeared. I felt myself getting antsy, snappy, crabby. I cannot handle the mornings, especially school mornings, if I don’thave time to prepare myself (and my coffee!). Frazzled short mom, leads to frazzled kids.

I needed my coffee and my quiet.

I have realized that while my husband can give me the coffee, the quiet time is something I have to carve out myself. Instead of just getting up whenever the baby does, I set an alarm. It’s not as early as I used to get up, but it’s guaranteed to be about 30 minutes before the kids do.

I don’t always make it to the alarm. Sometimes I’m up with the baby early and I stay up, sometimes I choose to snuggle  instead of drinking coffee. The point is I am making the time for me, not waiting for someone to make it happen. With a husband, a house, a cat and three small children no one is going to make quiet time for me. My husband can make a great cup of coffee but he can’t make me get up, only I can.

So I yawn and stretch and tiptoe from my room. The amount of time is unpredictable, baby Bean is not on a schedule, but the simple act of taking the time is enough to give me a better start to the day.

That and the sun coming back to join me in the mornings, he is my perfect coffee date. Someday soon I will be enjoying my coffee with him on the deck.

Steam Rising

Simply creating the time I need to be the best mom I can be, that’s my simple moment. What’s yours? SHARE it below

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Lenae said...

I am the worst ever at getting up early, but oh, how I need that solitude before I start my day! Thanks for inspiring me... and for making me crave coffee :)

Erin said...

I set my alarm clock to get up early, too. I find that one hour of peace makes my whole day.

Hyacynth said...

My entire day is always INFINITELY better when I start it in the Word. Always. Never fails. And a nice hot cup of tea helps that right along. Love coffee but love the sugar that goes in it more, so tea suffices.

my3littlebirds said...

Like you I NEED quiet in the mornings, but for me it doesn't come until I get my boys off to school/preschool and my daughter naps. By then the coffee is bitter but I don't mind.
Thanks for this opportunity to share my bigger picture moment.

This Heavenly Life said...

I wish I was as diligent as you, because I love those times when I can tiptoe around in the silence of the house, just demands...yet. I'm not a coffee girl, but tea is always appreciated :) That warm cup is half the joy.

Ginny Marie said...

I love my coffee in the morning! I have a hard time getting up before my children, though. My oldest is up by six, and she is my alarm clock!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

Getting up early with a warm cup of coffee is one of my favorite things. Unfortunately I lost those mornings with the winter, I just can't get up if it's dark out. But I plan on getting back to this tradition with the warming days. Even if I'm only drinking decaf until the baby is born.

Alita said...

Sounds like my kind of moment. I need at least 15 minutes all to myself and I usually get it. It is nice to have that before the "go go go" of mornings.

I can so relate Mel!

Shell said...

I don't need to coffee, but I do need the quiet!