Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lessons through Struggles

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Simple BPM

I have been on somewhat of a faith journey this last year. Saying it like that makes me a little uncomfortable., It feels a bit new-agey gibberish, like I am out searching for the right fit of faith. It’s not that. It’s just you don’t experience a loss so great without being more reflective and analyzing of yourself and your faith.

Take every knock as a boost
And every stumbling block as a stepping stone

Those are the lyrics on one of the kids CDs  that is currently in heavy rotation during our commutes around suburbia. It’s pretty much the philosophy I am trying (trying oh so hard) to take. I have, AM, learning that every struggle has a hidden purpose, a lesson that I am in need of learning. I just need to find that lesson and the struggle will have served its purpose and allowed me to grow.

So along the lines of Maegan's Realities and Blessings, these are my struggles and lessons (for the moment).

Struggle: I had my post surgical follow up and found out I won’t be able to exercise for 3months. I may have thought to ask prior to the surgery had I not been fighting to feed my daughter, but I didn’t, well at least not clearly. I am frustrated with my body and more than a little angry.

I am a runner who can’t run
A yogi who can’t stretch
a player sitting on the sidelines

It’s not a fun place to be. Especially when you have struggled with body image your whole life and are carrying around 15 extra pounds

Lesson: Take it slow. My body needs time to heal and I need to learn to slowly build up strength instead of jumping full force into things, which is how I have end up hurt before. It's also a good lesson in life. Go slow, don't jump in with full force.

Struggle: Milk. I’m a reformed picky (but still kind of picky) eater. I also LOVE cheese, ice cream, chocolate, did I say cheese? Baby girl? Not so much. At least we think. Since about 4 weeks she has had issues with gas and spit up, we thought it was related to over supply forceful letdown. Than we started having extreme night fussiness. We would have to walk or sleep with her in an upright position for hours or she screamed. I started to worry/suspect reflux. So with encouragement and help from Keli I gave up dairy.

I will need to do a whole post on this and how my husband is like a pimp for the dairy industry thwarting me at every turn. It has not been easy, but not much of mothering is. It also, seems to be working. She is sleeping, happy and has minimal spit-up...well until I ate that Pizza and cupcake but the blowout diaper has assured that will not happen again anytime soon.

Lesson: Quitting dairy has helped drop some of the weight I an’t exercise off. There is more than one solution to a problem. I sometimes get to focused on the seemingly (to me) single answer.

Struggle: I struggle with time management. Now that my day is being broken into 2 hour increments I am struggling more to stay focused. Conveniently (divinely?) my phone is being a PIA. The battery drains as soon as I open twitter, I get low disk space warnings, the touch screen is finicky and it doesn't charge; when the battery dies, which is often, I have to trade batteries with my husband and charge his phone.

Lesson: Spend less time on twitter! Ha! Sometimes those are the only "adults" I talk to! Figure out better systems. We are struggling as a family to find our rhythm, this is just one part of it. We’re having serious discussions on if we can follow Hyacynth’s model and do something drastic to fix our running like hamsters on wheels. We’ll see, this is a lesson that is still being taught.

Simple looking for lessons in irritations and struggles, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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Hyacynth said...

I think you're doing one of the most beautiful things a mother can do for herself and her children and her husband -- you're intentionally being a growing person. Instead of letting things just happen to you, instead of just sitting and taking what comes, you take those experiences and grow from them. Your littles are watching you do that. What a model for their little, moldable hearts. <3
Growing is hard; but it's what we're supposed to do. {Funny, this is what my BPM is all about today.}

Alita said...

I like how you describe your husband as a man that is "pimping" the whole "dairy industry thwarting me at every turn" ... Motherhood is so difficult at times, a mighty reward though. Giving up pizza is so unbelivelably hard, but dipe blow out sounds way too painful. Giving up pizza for a short time= worth it. I'm glad it is helping you with the waistline. Mel, you just keep doin what you are doin with your held up high.

And sometimes... twitter is the only adult conversation I get, too. Especially on days when the kiddos are both sick and we are stuck at home cuddling all day.


Unknown said...

I LOVE this! I was inspired to link up too! Found your tweet and stumbled over... I'm a follower now and grabbed your button. I'm needing simplicity so...

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, Mel -- I'm so glad you can see the blessings among the frustrations. If there is something MAJORLY important in life, I think this is it. It's hard. And valuable.

I hope it all comes together peacefully for you! I know that just acknowledging a blessing doesn't always make it feel like a perfect fit, but you're brave and strong and capable. Big hugs :)

(Also? LOVE those shoes!!)

Unknown said...

Stopping from Shell's blog. What wondeful lessons! I love your meme.

Emmy said...

What a great idea for a meme. I am afraid to really add up how much time I "waste" on social media.

And yes some of my own best growth in life has come because of life's biggest challenges.