Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simply Leaving Things Undone

I may have mentioned in this space (probably on a Thursday) once, or twice, okay three times that I am a Type A personality. I like plans, structure, getting things done, moving right along.

Babies are not Type A. Well, they like structure but only as it pertains to them and not anyone elses’s structure. It sometimes hurts my brain.

That and the screaming.

So much screaming.

Baby Bean is either suffering (again) from my supply issues (thanks to the surgery/pumping schedule for messing that up). Or she has reflux.


So yesterday afternoon was a hard. She was screaming, the preschooler was crabby and wanted attention. Now. Not later, NOW. I was stressed. So many projects in the works, exciting, fulfilling, things I long to do. I wanted to work on MY stuff. I wanted everyone to nap so I could take care of ME. Follow MY path.

Sigh (again)

When will I learn that it is not MY choice what path I take.

So I took a deep breath. (shed a few hidden tears, and may have muttered some curse words) and I strapped on my sling, and said “Girls, we are going for a walk

We headed out into the gray, blustery, where are you spring day and we walked and tricycled up and down our block. With each step baby screams were soothed, toddlers boredom eased and mommies stress mellowed.

We found ponies,

...standing guard over sprouting lilies.

We found the first soldiers of spring forcing their way through the detritus of winter:

We found color and happiness in the cold winds:

We found spring.

We set out on a new path for that day. One that was paved with less expectations and more awareness of what we needed to be doing. We also found peace.

Acceptance in the undone and the need to dos.

We remembered the blessings of going with the flow and not trying to fight the current. And we may* have gone to bed at eight o'clock and woke up in a better frame of mind.

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.

~ Lin Yutang

Simply accepting that things will remain undone is my simple moment. Have you seen the Bigger Picture through a Simple Moment this week? Your moment can be a photo, a poem, as long or as short as your heart feels it should be. Share yours with us today at This Heavenly Life.

Simple BPM

Live. Capture. Share. Encourage.

* and by may I mean totally did,only to be woken up roughly 20 minutes later by the {insert word I tell my children not to use} cat scratching on the kids door. But {HOORAY!} Bean slept 5 + 2 + 3 hours last night. Blessings counted. 


Kate said...

I love this. We just JUST were outside and seriously feels like maybe, just maybe, the sun might heal the months of stir craziness, ear infections and general malaise me and and my two baby boys have been dealing with. Thank goodness seasons change.

my3littlebirds said...

Thank you for this post. Motherhood requires constant refocusing and flexibility. Why doesn't anyone tell you this stuff when you're pregnant?

Hyacynth said...

I think motherhood is an extreme workout for the type A personality in flexibility. {I feel you. Um. A lot.}
Love this post. Love that you took a hold of what was before you, grabbed it and ran. Because you could have dug your heals in and sank into the mud. Glad you chose the other. {Can you send this post to me during my next "But-I-had-PLANS day?}

Unknown said...

You always know just how to say things. This is so eloquently described, and something I think we all feel at times. Beautifully written my friend.

Lenae said...

"We found spring." -This line made my heart jump. I can totally relate -obviously- to the stress that builds up like Tetris blocks and topples my patience in one fell swoop; remembering that there is spring to be found if I just leave things undone (abandon my agenda!)... That can flip around any bad day or attitude. Such an encouraging post, Melissa!

Kristi said...

"We set out on a new path for that day. One that was paved with less expectations and more awareness of what we needed to be doing. We also found peace" I loved this! How easy it is to get caught up in MY plans and feel the frustration when I can't follow them. You reminded me to live in the moment. Thank you!
Be blessed~

Robin said...

my son and I just went out and shot some hoop to get out of our sure did the trick! I'm glad you found spring out there. :-)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Love this! Love that you were able to let go and just ENJOY. So beautiful!

Amanda said...

What a nice solution to such a common problem! This is completely how it is in my house with my children, although they are into toddlerhood now, so I do get a full nights rest. I will have to take your advice and take them on a walk when I think I am losing it!

Brooke said...

That is something that I will always remember about the infant stage. I remember just longing for TWO hands so I could accomplish something.... anything.... It is hard to let go and relax your expectations for a few months. Hang in there :D

Unknown said...

Just a beautiful post. Took me right back to the time when I had so many little ones all needing something. Glad you were able to find some peace for everyone. Love all the photos.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I like this post, life is so different as a mom then it is before, my to-do list is more like an I hope to get done list.

One of my favorite quotes (I read it on a kitchen chock board years ago) is: The Dishes Can Wait Childhood Cannot.

There is so many more important things. The crying and the screaming will pass and you will find yourself missing when your baby was little.


Ginny Marie said...

So glad your stress was relieved by a walk, plus you got some sleep! Priceless when you have a baby in the house!

Whenever my baby started to fuss, my husband loved to take her outside and walk back and forth on the sidewalk with her. Of course, he only did this with our July baby, not our November baby! Being outside always seemed to soothe Emmy's fussy period.