Monday, May 23, 2011

Dress Like a Girl Challenge {Checking in}

So challengers how are you doing? We are halfway through the month, just a little over a week left and 2 weeks before the June 6 link up. Have you worn your dress or skirt? What are you waiting for?

I actually really love to wear dresses and skirts. This last pregnancy had me fall in love again with dresses and I am snatching up clearance ones left and right! So my personal challenge was to try to wear a dress once a week other than Sunday, I’m doing pretty good so far!

Even when I’m not in a dress, the challenge is on my mind and I am trying to take time to dress up a little bit, be it a necklace or shoes or not wearing a ponytail everyday. It’s clearly needed, the very first week of the challenge I wore a dress. My husband came home and said “why do you look so pretty today?” Ugh, that was a wake up call!

So here are 2 of my “everyday outfits” (yes it’s May but Chicago is just now getting out of the 40’s):

Sorry, bad camera phone pic...I'm working on taking better pictures of myself too...THAT is out of my comfort zone!

The goofy hand gesture is to say, see! I wore my wedding rings! and a necklace!

Otherwise this is pretty typical, I'm nursing so I have to have, er um accessibility. I did put on nicer shoes.

Top: Old Navy Henley (clearance this spring)
Tank: Ann Taylor Loft (clearance last summer)
Jeans: Old Navy maternity from 2004-5
Shoes: Target (clearance, of course!)

and the ever present ponytail/messy bun.


Same story different colors...

Top: Henley from Target
Pants: Really old maternity, Old Navy 2004-5
Shoes: Target, two summers ago (should really throw out!)

and of course the ever present ponytail/messy bun.

Easy? Yes

Comfy? Yes

Pretty and or flattering? Um...not really.

One of the tips Laura Bennett addresses in her book is finding your style. I currently think my style mostly screams tired mom. Bennett says:
"dressing well actually takes very little effort, but it makes a huge difference in the way I feel and the way others feel about me. It’s just as easy to pull on a simple dress or tailored trousers as it is to pull on a pair of tatty mom jeans” 
She goes on to discuss developing a uniform of simple stylish pieces that you rotate and wear. The first step is to choose a glamour/style icon, a “cinematic version of yourself”.

I think if I had to choose just one (or two) I would choose Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

So effortless classic? I lean more towards Jackie because she seems so attainable. A fashionable mom. I love this pic

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

Just beautiful, put together and classic.

I love it. I love Jeans too though, so maybe Jackie in Jeans? As long as they are not tattered maternity (see above) and are tailored and stylish? I think I can pull it off...maybe???


Well clearly not the taking a picture of myself part ;-)

Shirt: American Style- 3 summer's ago
Necklaces - vintage, thrifted last summer on vacation
Pants: Old Navy (got them on clearance last week!- clearly they need to be hemmed!)
Shoes- Target

How about you? Whose your style icon?

Just in case you need more incentive to join our challenge, we have a giveaway! One of you that links up will win this beautiful stylish purse from Julie Vision Designs:

So don’t forget, link up June 6. You can link up a blog post or a picture. You can add the pics to our Facebook pages or to the new Flickr group.


Desperate Housemommy said...

How fun! Love your self-photographing attempts. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. My style icon is Hilary Swank. Except for when she's dressing up as a teenaged boy or a professional boxer.

Heather said...

I'm with you. I love Jackie! She was so amazing. And I'm a huge Princess Di freak. She really pushed a lot of trends in her day. Love her too.

Right now? yoga capris and a 4 year old t-shirt...I have long ways until I actually dress like either one:)

Anonymous said...

Dress like a girl - I dress like a college woman every day. Jeans, T, sneakers. Although, I have to start finding clothes that fit me - have to actually go to a store so I can find out my size again. I've lost 55 pounds since 2005 (45 since baby 9/10) and everything is baggy on me. Hubby loves it but I feel like a bag of sticks. Still have a high BMI though, so doc says I'm not out of the woods yet. ;)

Style Icon? I like your pix of Jackie & Audrey. But I have to say, if it is skin tight, it isn't me. And if it cost boocoo $, not me either. So I'd have to stay with my generic - college woman!

Oh, I do have my wedding band, but if I lose much more weight I'll have to get it sized. Or wait until I pack on the pounds again. :D

Unknown said...

A style icon - I need to get one of those. I should remember that about the hair too. Mine is mostly up because of time - but it looks so much better down and straightened. Thanks for all the encouragement and I too will think of this challenge as more about the whole rather than the dress!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Great post...loved all the pictures :)