Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Conference Season Basics- Business Cards

Conference season  is here!

Will I get to meet you this summer? I hope so! Here is where I will be:
Midwest Moms Media Brands & Bloggers Summit July 16, Chicago
Bloggy Boot Camp August 20, Chicago
Relevant  October 27-29 Harrisburg, PA

What is the one thing you must have for a conference?

Business Cards!

When I went to my first conference I ordered cards at the last minute. I am seriously indecisive so after staring at hundreds of designs and hundreds of different sites I settled on Tiny Prints. I choose to use one of their designs and 10, maybe 15 minutes later I was done and seriously in love:

They are clean, simple and fun. I like that they are a little smaller than normal cards and square, so they kind of stand out. I like that they complement my site in color and design (my background is dots) but it’s not my logo...that means if I ever change my button or site design I can keep my cards consistent. I am complimented on them everywhere.

Tiny prints asked it's bloggers: How do you organize your conference business cards? Both the ones you hand out and the ones you receive?

I carry 3 different business cards with me daily. My personal “mommy cards”, my local blog's cards, and these cards. So I keep them in a little zippered pouch that came with my mommy cards:

I one day hope to make one of these

Since I carry a pouch it makes it really convenient for placing the cards I receive right back in there! But how do I organize them?

Well I started by keeping them all in a box:

That’s really not working though as they all just sit there. So I recently started adding them all to my google contact as soon as I get the card. I also set the image to the bloggers button so that I can easily tell who each contact is when browsing through. I also include in the notes where I met the person or which campaign if it’s a PR firm.

Do you have blog cards? How do you organize them?

Tiny Prints provides stylish, modern and unique stationery that cover all your paper needs. You'll find summer party invitations, personalized greeting cards, thank you cards, business cards, and even custom wedding invitations. Come try the easy card personalization, powerful preview engine and top-notch customer service and paper quality for yourself! With Tiny Prints by your side, commemorating every holiday and momentous occasion is a cinch!

Disclosure: I received business cards from Tiny Prints in exchange for posting my answers to the questions How do you organize your conference business cards? Both the ones you hand out and the ones you receive? The business cards I showed and discussed were purchased on my own, all opinions expressed are my own. If you are a blogger that would like to review Tiny Prints business cards just fill out this form.

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Lisa Noel said...

My plan is to use a card cubby wristlet to organize mine rolodex style...only issue I have to figure out is how to alphabetize them since typically it's by last name and that's about the last thing I remember about most bloggers.
But so many have multiple blogs using blog names won't work...decisions decisions