Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dress Like a Girl {May Challenge Link up}


May is over! How did you do on the first challenge? Since I like to wear dresses/skirts, and do so frequently, I challenged myself to wear one at least once a week and I did!

(in no particular order because I have a terrible memory)

This was a spontaneous Target purchase a few years ago and I love it. It's not the most flattering from the back (think square) but it's comfy and cool.

Leggings are also from Target.

Ladies if you are concerned about dresses either do to your thighs or chasing kids around get yourself some leggings! I was slow to pick up this trend, but I am loving it! These are $8 (regular price) Mossimo Supply Leggings from Target. I have four pairs. They are cotton, comfy, and cheap. So when the thighs get to fuzzy from rubbing together (just keeping it real) I don't feel bad tossing them in the refashion bag and picking up more!


This is my favorite outfit of the month! I loved how it came together, I was comfy, and (I think) looked good and put together). This Maxi Dress was bought for a wedding. Admittedly it was too casual but I needed to be able to nurse so  it worked. I wore this to a children's play where I was sitting on the floor and needed to be able to move around. It worked great! I could get up and down and sit on the floor with out flashing anyone! Maxi Dress - another trend that I was slow to embrace on account of being short, but am now head over heels in love with.

Denim Blazer - Kohl's several years ago
Dress - Kohl's this season but it's not online anymore

I wore it with these shoes for the wedding which look so much better and don't make it drag, but not so good for chasing a little one around.


This was the first dress I wore, it was freezing that day!

Dress: I made

Sweater: Really old Gap

Necklace: Vintage


This is another Target dress, what can I say I love Target! This one too can be un-flattering at this stage of my body (postpartum, carrying extra weight) because it smooshes the girls down all funny at the top, but it's comfy.

Everything is from Target, Sweater and Leggings are Mossimo This season (sweater on clearance now!)

Now it's YOUR Turn!
Share with Erin and myself how you did on this first challenge.

One of you that links up will win this beautiful stylish purse from Julie Vision Designs:

Rules/Details/How to Enter:
Link up one of the following ways
- Link a blog post up here or at Erin's (yes you can link up in both places, no you won't be entered twice)
- Don't want to blog it? Add your photo to our Flickr Group and provide the link to your photo in the linky
- Don't blog or Flickr? Add your photo to Mine or Erin's Facebook Page (I think you can tag the page) and add a link back here.

Extra Entry:
You can earn 1 extra entry by Tweeting "I'm taking the #dresslikeagirl challenge with @PBinmyHair & @Mama_Rosebud"

Linky and Giveaway will close on 12 June and the winner will be announced Monday June 13.

June's Challenge:
Cute Beach Wear- cover-ups, hats, sandals, etc.

More on it next week, but anything goes! Have fun! Be cute! Accessorize! Take comfort in knowing this is going to be very, very hard for me!


Hyacynth said...

Oooh, you looked so cute! I'm super excited about June's challenge, because I have those cute things and NEVER wear them. Linking up tomorrow with my May shot. :)

Unknown said...

I actually really like the last outfit, and think you look great in it! I wish I would've thought to take photos of more than one outfit - I wear dresses a lot over the summer!

Unknown said...


That purse is super cute! I was excited to do the challenge in the first place, but heck yeah for free stuff! :D

Unknown said...

I haven't gotten into maxi dresses or leggings - but your outfits are making me rethink it. :) You look super cute and this is a fun challenge. Loving next month's task. :)

20 YORK STREET said...

I'm all about the maxis these days! they are just the perfect thing for the summer!

Easy breezy! And I cant eat anything!


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Twenty York Street

A Mommy in the City said...

So cute! Love that first outfit!

This Heavenly Life said...

SO pretty! SUCH girlishness! You look beautiful in all of these, and I REALLY love the leggings idea. I'm down on the floor alot these days, and dresses don't mesh too well with that, usually -- but leggings? You're a genius :)