Friday, June 3, 2011

Hoarders, the Blogging Edition

I do 99.9999% of my blog reading on my phone in the wee hours of the day and night while nursing the cutest little wolverine (how DO their nails grow so fast) anyone has ever seen. Because I am on my phone and linking, replying, tweeting etc is not always easy I star them with the intent to go back and comment, share, pin, or stumble...well my starred folder is kind of like an episode of hoarders right now. So I decided to share, finally and link up some of them with Saturday Stumbles, because that's what Jill does, and so it must be good!

I am desperate need to dust off my sewing machine and this beautiful Ruffled Nursing Tank may be the first thing I make! (via I Make Stuff)

Always insightful truth about Motherhood, Why Motherhood shouldn't be graded on the curve (via Gypsy Mama)

Calling out the Teacher on homework that's really for parents (via Things I Can't Say)

Upstairs friends and Downstairs Friends, come on, admit it, we all have them, but why? (via A Soft Place to Land)

On being THEIR mama, on the good days and the bad (via {just} Lenae )

Linked up with Simply Staci's Saturday Stumbles.


Staci said...

Thanks for linking up! Upstairs and downstairs friends...LOVE IT!!

Corrina said...

My favorites in my reader is chock-full too. Like months worth! I read to undwind and distract my mind before I go to sleep at night. How I wish I had an iPhone a few years ago while nursing my children! The mere fact that I'm commenting on this several days later shows that I am not good at going back and doing something with my favorited blogs!