Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting Organized {Stream of Conscious Sunday}

So another brain dump on Sunday, it seems all I can muster. We had VBS this week which means that starting Friday morning I was they're like walking talking petri dishes. So Fadra says I'm not supposed to edit but I'm typing in bed with a baby so for readability I'm going to spell check, your welcome.

Tomorrow is August 1.



Wholly cow where is time going?

Baby girl is almost 6 months old she is trying so hard to get food and sit up and move and I'M NOT READY! Gah! I miss my baby already.

And August, its a starting, 20 days until school. TWENTY days! Yeah! really they kids need routine an order and time apart and I feel somewhat like a bad parent for being excited but really I can only answer so many questions a day before my head explodes! Also, see above, baby, she wants attention and order and routine and all the things that her siblings have and had.

So order, must spend the next 20 days getting things in order because I will be organized and not overwhelmed this year even if the school is not organized I Will be. Really and I have a new 5 minutes or less policy on paper because man we bring in a lot of paper. All paper must be processed in five minutes or less because after I did all that work organizing the shelves and finding my desk l don’t wan to loose it again under a pile of homework sheets and preschool projects.

Office is almost re-organized and the playroom will be done next week than I must convince husband to make or purchase something to create an entryway in one or all of our non entries. It is probably the one, main thing I dislike about our house there is no true entry. We tend to use the dining room and than everything ends up dumped on our table and that will not due! I want a bench and baskets for all the stuff. Why do kids have so much stuff?

If you want to be organized for this school year be sure to visit Hyacynth's Blue Sky Organization Set giveaway, ends Tuesday August 2nd. 


Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love your blog header and name. So cute!

I think it's a struggle to keep anything organized with kids, but on the flip side, you need organization to stay sane.

all.things.fadra said...

Seems like only yesterday I was reading your Twitter timeline thinking, "Oh, she's pregnant?"

My son is 4 1/2 and I'm just now getting to the age of nonstop talking and endless questions. I love it and it makes me insane all at the same time. Here's hoping you have a semi-routine soon.