Monday, July 4, 2011

Meet Georgia... {Mom's on Bikes}

Meet Georgia, isn't she pretty?


Georgia isn't really her name it's Cranbrook

I named her Georgia because I could just see myself biking along a dusty path, between plantations, a basket on the front filled with fresh picked wildflowers, a long flow skirt...

Or along a beach, on the boardwalk with a gauzy shirt and some cute pedal pushers, the waves gently crashing on the beach...

Or through the streets of Paris, with a loaf of bread and bottle of wine in my basket, off to go have a picnic dinner...

Yeah, it spurred some dreaming.


I haven’t been on a bike since I was a senior in high school. I desperately wanted one when we lived in the city but didn’t want to carry it up to the third floor or down to the basement. We have been talking about getting one for 3 years now. We live just far enough away, from several things, and the lack of sidewalks...well a bike would be easier. Not to mention the amazing trail system we have!

When I pulled Georgia out of the garage for the first time I said to my husband “I hope you never really forgot how to ride a bike” he laughed and said if anyone could I would!


Well I wobbled a bit but it's true, you don’t ever forget.

What you do forgot is how much fun they are!

To feel the wind in your face. To coast along the streets. I can’t wait to take her to some of the beautiful trails we have around here. I already have plans to start biking to a nearby yoga studio for some mom only time.

Even the kids are excited that mom has a bike. I took them on a little ride last week and they had so much fun. The best part was there was less whining than on our normal evening walks.

I am looking forward to this summer and what adventures Georgia and I will be going on!


*Disclosure: I was provided my bike by Huffy as part of Huffy Mom’s on Bike’s in exchange for talking about bikes and getting out and riding with our kids. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for fun videos and information on biking. All opinions expressed are my own.


Barbara said...

She is gorgeous! Last year I got on a bike, it was the first time in over 12 years. I was terrified, but I guess it is true that you never forget!

Anonymous said...

I remember my first bike that I bought as a kid it was a 10 speed I think it was a Swinn (cannot spell) opps. Great blog.

Jamie said...

Love this post! I've been dreaming of a bike for a while, but have been afraid I've forgotten how to ride since it's been so long.

This Heavenly Life said...

Awesome! I want a new bike! We also need to get bikes for the girls, but I've worried about the hilly driveway we have. Must remedy :) Because bike riding is so much fun!

Shell said...

So fun! Hubs has been talking about getting me a bike for years- every Christmas, Mother's Day, and my birthday since we first had kids... and yet, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe soon!