Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reunited with an old friend {Simple Moments, Bigger Picture}

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Simple BPM


It is quiet.

It’s still dark and the rain is falling (again!) in a melodic calming sort of way.  A Slow steady pace that makes the music of spring as it dances on the metal gutters and



Plinks! against the siding and metal table.

Did I mention it’s quiet?

4 am my old friend I have missed you.

Instead of yawning I have a silly school girl grin on my face.

I heat up day old coffee and I just stand by the sink listening to the rain, doing calf raises and pliƩs*.

I am itching to run.

To wrap myself in the familiarity of my old friend 4am. To welcome the my running partner the sun as we start the day and explore the neighborhood.


It’s raining and I haven’t run in over a year. So instead I sit and listen to the rain and I stare at my pretty new shelves and my mind spins and wonders.

This week is crazy busy, so many things scheduled on top of so many things, on top of cleaning up after one storm after another storm after a... could we please just have normal weather? All day everyday we are running and everyone is tired. I fell asleep with he baby at 6pm last night, which is the real reason I am able to sit with my old friend 4 am and realize how much missed him.

But maybe it’s not 4 am I miss but the quiet? The run? The time on my own?

Babies are such blessing and this one is no different. So special so amazing. They are also exhausting. Especially when they only want mama. So this, this quiet time to sit in a chair (and not in bed) and



Type out thoughts while listening to the



Plop! of rain. This is rare.


So I will scoop up 4 am and I will wrap it around myself and I will take it all in. I will let the silence envelop me and massage my tired and battered it’s summer! we must go! at full speed! and full volume! mommy brain. I will drink my coffee hot (!!!) and I will remember as fleeting as this moment right now seems the louder more constant moments. running! yelling!crying! needing! will be even more fleeting. And when 4 am and I are good friends again trotting down the road with our friend sun my mind will wander back to those loud and crazy times, sleepless night snuggles in bed with a little one and I will wonder where this time went.

Simply musing on quiet and time, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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Simple BPM

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* Old habits die hard, my high school gymnastic coach (who never stood still or walked anywhere) always made us do something, anything, while standing waiting for a turn and I find it's one of those things that now many, many years later I still find myself doing all the time. 


Hyacynth said...

You are such a beautiful writer, Mel! This was so so lovely, and I just love the structure of how you shared this moment. I've never had a love affair with 4 a.m., but this is a once in a lifetime shot at me thinking of 4 a.m. in a romaticesque way. :)

Barbara said...

You make 4 am sound magical! I'll have to take your word for it! Beautifully written post!

May said...

I admit I found the photography more appealing than the thought of 4 in the morning! The rain shots are spectacular.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Those pictures are stunning. As is the writing! And early, early morning is my favorite time of day, just for the sake of the silence, the chance to just be.

Lenae said...

You know, I am NOT a morning person, but you make it sound divine. Peace and quiet? Uninterrupted blogging? Prayer? Coffee? I'll take some of that!

This Heavenly Life said...

I know this comment is starting to sound like a broken record, but...

You're doing a great job of making me thing 4AM actually sounds like a *good* time to be awake.

And that is a grand feat, indeed ;)

This was lovely, Mel -- I hope your early morning translated into a peaceful, thought-gathered kind of day. Thank you for sharing it with us.

(And I especially loved the rainy bits...we are soooooo dry right now. Our dogwood and river birch trees are dying. Our grass is spiky. Our air is calm. Your rain was a balm to my thoughts.)

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

I love that line "So I will scoop up 4 am..." Such an eloquent turn of phrase!

And props to you for even considering a run at 4 am. I just know I would be hitting that snooze button. 6 am I can do. 4? Not so much. :)

Kelly Miller said...

I see 4am too often, but it's usually at the end of my day, not the beginning. My goal in the coming months is to see 4am (or my version of it: 6am) at the beginning of my day. You've given me motivation.

Unknown said...

Late to the party, but here nonetheless...Loved this post. I intentionally wake up at 5:30 every morning to hit the gym and I have to say the drive there is the most peaceful and wonderful moment of my day.

Thanks for sharing...hope you had a great week.