Sunday, July 3, 2011

Savory Sunday: Update our Meals Challenge Strawberry Season

So I mentioned we're almost through with all the recipes in the first book. One of my favorite things about Everyday Food is that they have a section called "In Season" with various different recipes with something that is, well, in season! We really love our Farmer's market, dabble in gardening and try really hard to eat seasonally so we really like this feature.

This book's "In Season" is Strawberries.
Hey, nice pic! It's like I'm a food blogger or something.
My children are part fruit bat. The love fruit and when it's berry season, we go through a lot (a LOT) of berries. This is probably the only part of our challenge they have been excited about. 

Ha! See not a food blogger, camera phone pic!
Oh. Em. YUM!

So as you can see if you compare my picture to the link my cakes are a little bigger and shaped funny. I did this all by hand (they recommend a food processor) because I am a experienced biscuit maker. They are actually kind of a specialty, I should move to the south so I can make them more. I digress, so I made them by hand. Except it was probably a hundred degrees in my kitchen that day,and the baby needed me and the kids needed me and so I over mixed, and it sat in the heat to long and well, they looked like giant mounds instead of biscuits.

However they tasted FABULOUS! Seriously, they were so yummy and in all honesty so easy to make I don't foresee us buying those sponges little discs from the grocery store ever again! The vanilla flavored whip cream, divine! It tasted so good in my coffee the next morning. All and all this is a winner!

Picky Eater rating?  Well PBboy had a stomach virus, so he didn't get any. PBgirl doesn't eat whip cream and because we made the mistake of calling them biscuits instead of cake,all she ate was the strawberry's. Her loss as PBDad and I ate them all up!

Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast
I remembered a pic!
Huge considering I hadn't had coffee!

My son has developed a love of oatmeal and until three days ago it was an unseasonably cool summer so he wanted to try this.

We left out the sour cream from the recipe because I know he doesn't like it and I didn't want to waste the oatmeal!

This was the first time for me making oatmeal on the stove and we didn't have quick cooking oats only old fashioned. So PBboy give it a thumbs up on taste (brown sugar and strawberries) but a thumbs down on the chewiness of the oatmeal (totally my fault). He usually eats instant so I probably needed to cook it a lot longer.

Arugula Salad with Strawberries - we skipped this one based on allergies, it has pecans in it.

Strawberry Pops - we actually didn't make these either. We didn't have enough strawberries and we have made them in the past. They are yummy, quick, and the kids LOVE them.

I'm actually thinking of taking the kids strawberry picking this week so we can make some more of these yummy recipes!

What are your favorite strawberry recipes?

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Unknown said...

We love stuffing pierogi with strawberries, boiling them and topping with sour cream and sugar.

Also, Strawberry Soup (Zupa Truskawkowy) is delicious and refreshing on these hot summer days.

And you can never go wrong with crepes/nalesniki stuffed with strawberries in various forms (mixed into cream cheese, fresh with sour cream and sugar, from a compote, in jam form).

And, if you are having a grown up event, I found a blog talking about stuffing strawberries with vodka jello shots :)

Enjoy your berries!