Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Evening Ramblings

Hi Friends!

I don't have anything to say. Actually I have a lot to say but my brain is tired. We are teething (have I mentioned that) and going through a growth spurt. Or it could be just the plain old unpredictably of babies. We have also had storms every night for three nights in a row and they always happen around 2 am. Which is fun because than I have two kids in my bed not sleeping. So I'm tired.

Did I say that?

Anyway, I miss hanging out and writing coherent thoughts so I thought I would just come by and brain dump on you. Isn't that fun?

Despite the lack of sleep we have had a productive weekend of spending too much money  finally getting some house projects started. I think I have said before that we have done nothing since we moved in three years ago. Not even hang pictures! It's kind of making me batty because it makes it feel like someone else house. So I have started some projects.

First up was the office. I spend a lot of time in there and you have to go through it to get to the bathroom. So everyone who is ever in my house sees it. We have four floor ceiling bookshelves covering one wall and 90% of what is on them came out of a box, went up and hasn't moved. The rest was clutter, like 3 years of preschool projects and paperwork. So this is what I did yesterday:


The picture only shows one but I actually did two! It's crazy how happy and giddy getting that off my "to do" list has made me feel.

Than this morning my husband asked me for my paint chips. He's decided since the basement was torn up because we got water (again!) that we should paint the play room. HUGE! Since it has kids names on the wall, and their not my kids names!

We also bought school supplies and started looking at pianos. So up, my bank account is crying. However my house feels lighter and happier already. We unloaded a ton of text books, old video games and probably 50 pounds of paper!

Oh and our Update our Meals Challenge is still on, and knocking our socks off. Hopefully I can get to blogging about it this week.

Also, Dress Like a Girl Challenge still happening! June got screwed. It was beach wear and than I had frigid weather and when it was time for the link up I had no power for 3 days. Never fear though, it will be back! The next challenge will be a flirty skirt...details forth coming.

Now I have stayed up too late and must start Yoga because someone at #BBSummit11 (FABULOUS time must write about that too!) thought I was pregnant. Gah! 5 month old people, FIVE MONTHS cut me some slack (or a piece of cake! Ha!)

Okay enough of my crazy talk. Go forth and have a great night!


Jen said...

I purged a lot of stuff this weekend too. Garbage day was Friday and we already have a full can on Sunday. It feels so much lighter in the house here too. I am repeatedly amazed at how much stuff we don't use.


Hyacynth said...

OK, I'm not forcing you to eat anymore of my cupcakes from here on out if you're starting yoga tomorrow. I promise. I'll eat my own darn cupcakes from now on. Geesh. ;-)

Unknown said...

You had your baby with you, how did someone think you were pregnant? I heard you should never ask a woman if she's pregnant unless you see the baby coming out. Good rule for people to follow. P.S. you're beautiful! I didn't think you were pregnant (see above) I knew better than to ask.

Barbara said...

i'm so jealous, i need to do this desperately

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh yay for organizing! Such a good feeling. And um, people should NEVER ask people if they are pregnant. EVER. Doesn't everyone know that??