Monday, August 15, 2011

Babies Don't Sit

Someone needs to inform my daughter that:

Babies. Don't. Sit.

No babies don't sit.

They can roll and rock. They can kick and they can squirm.

They wiggle and giggle and slide all around but, 

Babies. Don't. Sit.

Babies giggle and drool they fussy and they cry.

They reach and the stretch and they twist and they turn.

They can nuzzle and snuggle and grab but...

Babies. Don't. Sit.

No babies don't sit.

The don't sit they, wobble and fall. Flip and flop. Face plant and tumble. Because babies don't sit. 

Babies don't sit, no they don't. Babies don't sit because once they do it's a whole new world! A whole new view! A whole new speedy race to crawling! walking! toddling! talking!

Sp please baby can we just lean back for a minute and rest? Because 

Babies. Don't. Sit.

 and I would love to have you as a baby for just a little bit longer. 



Lenae said...

Agreed! I think our girls are plotting together. We need to find their secret cell phones and DESTROY :)

Alita said...

HA HA HA Lenae's comment cracked me up!

PS. boys barely sit still either. But you know that. ;))