Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School with Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints asked me what is momentous about this school year. See bottom of post for full disclosure. 

This year I can officially say I have a school aged child. My oldest son started first grade on Monday. While it hasn't change our everyday too much (he was in full day kindergarten) it feels like a big deal to everyone. From his new bigger sized back pack to finally getting to peruse the back to school aisles with purpose not longing (I may have a bit of an obsession with new school supplies!) everything about this year marks the start of something big!

He's one of the big kids now!

He gets to eat in the lunch room!

He's in the (big!) upstairs classroom!

He does big kid things like math and science and spelling tests!

This year marks his beginning into a lifetime of formal education. The start of what will hopefully be a lifelong love of learning. I can't wait to commemorate this achievement for him. I saw this on Pinterest

I plan to do it with his first day of school picture and the answers he gave to his About Me page (he loves chili, Lego's, the color green, and Lego's). If I had been a more organized mom I would have gotten one of Tiny Prints back to school cards to have waiting for him when he woke up. he loves getting mail! I think I will be ordering some of this little note cards though for his lunch box, maybe find ways to work his spelling words into a little note for him.

I love these as it's incorporates things he loves and is learning this year:
Chalkboard Green Teacher Card
He is also getting into super heroes now so this one would be great:
It's Superparty! Oasis
I plan to be much more organized next year, maybe I should order my cards now?

Is there anything momentous about your school year? Any traditions that you do with your kids every Back to School?

Disclosure: I was asked by Tiny Prints to talk about Back to School as a member of Global Influence. I am being compensated with a gift certificate to Tiny Prints. As Always the views and opinions expressed are my own. 

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Ginny Marie said...

My oldest just started first grade yesterday. She was in full day kindergarten, too, so it's not that much of a change from last year...yet! There might be a little more homework, though....