Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress Like a Girl Challenge {August}

So June and July were bust. The main reason was weather. First it wasn't beach ready than it had to go explode and leave me powerless for days. So we're picking up again here in August with a few changes. 

Erin has a lot of exciting things going on right now. The kind of things that are exhausting and overwhelming on their own (so the mom just coming up for air 5 months after adding number 3) and she also just moved a thousand plus miles. So she is stepping out of the blogging limelight for awhile. We'll miss her. I intend to keep doing this but would LOVE a partner. If you want to help host the Dress Like a Girl Challenge leave a comment or shoot me an email, it's fun, easy and not to time consuming, I promise!


The July challenge is to wear a Flirty Skirt.

Now everyone has a different definition of flirty. For me, it depends on my mood. I have a new long yellow skirt that skims the floor that is very flirty. It's flirt because it makes me feel young. When we went to Dave Matthews Concerts and sat in the lawn. For you, flirty might be short because you always wear long, or wearing a skirt at all! It's up to you!

I've been collecting some ideas on Pinterest so I may dust off my sewing machine and make something for myself! Life this:

I think ruffles are inherently flirty.

Or this one:

I think retro is flirty, especially since i have some flirty red retro heels.

Or maybe a Maxi...

I am digging the long length lately.

Whatever you choose, grab a picture and be ready to link up on August 29.


Lucy The Valiant said...

I love this challenge! And the ruffles are SO flirty, for sure!

Shell said...

Love a flirty skirt!

I was on the beach quite a bit... but always behind the camera. Or you know, keeping my kids from drowning in the ocean.

Barbara said...

Oooh, I love the ruffles! I wish that I could sew pretty things like that!

Hyacynth said...

Flirty skirts! Yay! Love those pins from Pintrest.