Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Big Things {Simple Moments, Bigger Picture }

Sometimes the bigger picture isn't seen in the small moments of the everyday but in the big moments where small things make all the difference.

Monday night we had another record breaking storm. Lest I rutb into a perpetual complainer about weather, I am kind of over the extremes. This one was record breaking, or near record breaking, dye to lightning. One of those bolts of lightning hit the tree that is not more than 10 feet from the roof of my bedroom, directly overprobably my bed, where my baby sleeps. Me and the children were all upstairs, baby on that bed, me standing a few feet away, big kids in the hall.

Things could have been so much more tragic if it weren't for the little things :
-  The lightning hit a very healthy old growth pine that didn't break it fall.
- it splintered off the tree probably (based on being directly underneath that point) striking the peak of our roof.
- living in a 100 year old house means my walls are plaster, which don't burn.

Those three little things turned out to be big things. It means no one was hurt. Yes my daughters fear if thunderstorms will now be more intense. Yes my son is now worried the house will burn down. Yes I have no internet or computer (I'm typing this on my phone ). Yes my husband who us swamped at work is going to have to find time to get inspectors and repairmen out to the house. But we are all okay. Our house is okay.

It also gave me a chance to easily teach my kids a lesson of faith Hyacynth is always reminding me of. You can't be worried/scared at the same time as being thankful. So we turned our (their) fears into thanks. Thankful we are okay. Thankful for little things like plaster walls and sturdy trees. Thankful we are all together to learn these lessons in the comfort of a home. Even if it means 'unplugging' for a bit

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my3littlebirds said...

There is so much to be thankful for, yes. Thanks for the reminder this morning...great way to start my day.

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh, THANK goodness you are all okay!

Robin said...

so glad you are ok, and so impressed by how you turned your fear into thanks. That's tough to do! What wonderful role models you are as parents.

Barbara said...

Thank goodness you are okay!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you guys were okay! Thank goodness for all those little things!

May said...

I love can't be worried/scared at the same time you are being thankful. So true!

Stay safe!