Saturday, August 27, 2011

Savory Saturday: Update our Meals Challenge Week 10

The what? Why? and How? of the Challenge

So we have our first week of first grade under our belt and while it did cause some havoc with our schedule we are getting in the swing of things. These week was full of so many surprises! I can't say enough good thing about deciding to do this! So here is how our week looked:

Week 10 Meal Plan:

Sunday:  Tandori Chicken we didn't do last week

Sorry for the awful picture!

We made it with Basmanti Rice with carrot and ginger. The chicken was fabulous, even the kids loved it (yes even the picky eater!) The rice was was a little on the sweet side (as carrots will often make things) and we burned the onions so there was that. We had planned to serve it with chutney which we made and was oh so tasty but not done in time. The chicken tastes so much better with the chutney, without it feels like it's missing something.

Monday: Chile Rub on Pork Chops with Bok Choy, Apple and Carrot Slaw

It was one of those busy nights and while we had bok choy we didn't have time! So we did canned beans and greens.

However the chili rub was fantastic. A little spicy for the kids but they ate it away  Progress!

Tuesday: Chick Pea Salad and Flank Steak

This was  much more substantial salad than last week's egg one and probably could have stood alone with some rustic bread. The home made buttermilk dressing was so tasty ad the non-picky eater actuary ate it! We had to substitute butter lettuce because we could not get Boston and we used beans from our garden.

Wednesday: Lemon-garlic Lamb kebabs
We could not get to a store that carried lamb...we tried! We made pasta with tomatoes fresh from our garden!

Thursday: Chicken Gumbo
I don't have a picture but it was fabulous. The Andouille was a little hot for everyone but my son devoured the whole thing, we told him it was chili for people who don't get winter so they don't make chili! (he loves Chili!)

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