Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update our Meals Challenge Meal Plan Week 11

The what? Why? and How? of the Challenge

So this will be an interesting week a I am flying solo on the home front. However for the first time ever I am not panicking or filling the house with mac and cheese and nuggets! After 10 weeks I really feel like I can pull off a few home cooked dinners on my own! Now they are pasta heavy but I also have no one to help me with the dinner battle!

This week's menu is pulled form the next book (!!!) because all that is left in the other book is grilling, and I can't do that alone! In case anyone wants to join in on making dinner a lot more fun and interesting I'm going to post our meal plan for the week here on Sunday's. I hope some of you join in! Also all the recipes are collected on Pinterest as well. 

Week 11 Meal Plan:

Sunday: Out

Tuesday:Leftover (frozen) corn soup and quesadillas

Thursday: Grandma is bringing dinner!

Friday: Pizza Night

Saturday:  Burgers or Use garden tomato night

If enough of our tomatoes are ripe I will be making this vegetable soup to freeze. We will also be making outrageous chocolate cookies and probably this grape tart

What are you making this week? Will you be trying any of these recipes? 

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Barbara said...

Sounds like you have great plans for this week! Grandma bringing dinner will be a nice break for you!