Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress Like a Girl Challenge: Bedtime Inspiration

September's Dress Like a Girl Challenge was to kick it up a notch in the bedroom. To makes things fun and flirty and maybe a little bit sexy.

I actually just scored a bunch of really cute PJ's at target on clearance. I have an affinity for boy styled shorts because they can be flirty and cute but they offer coverage in the mornings or middle of the night. I got some super soft ones for only $4!

I am also a big fan of Nick & Nora. I have two of their flannel sets and one like this (different print):
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I may need to buy this one as I love ruffles:
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

This is kind of a typical night for me, although I have on a nursing tank not a cute matching one:
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

If you want more coverage Nick and Nora make so many cute pants, it's hard to pick just one:
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

and if you want to splurge, there is always Vicki's:

So, how will you be spicing up the night? 

*Link up is September 26

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Barbara said...

so cute! I love those ruffles!