Monday, September 5, 2011

Dress Like a Girl {September Challenge}

Pushed to the back dark recess of my "spare" closet (the small one where we store shoes, dirty laundry and the baby clothes) there hang long forgotten hangers filled with satin, silk and lace. I wonder how many would even fit on this new mom body. The new curves that weren't there when they skimpy piece of silk was purchased. I  remember back when they were in frequent rotation, it's been at least six years.

The truth is even if the pretty little bits of satin and lace still fit, they aren't practical for my new mom life. I nurse several time a night. I have older kids coming in at all hours.  I need a little more coverage than the frilly pieces hanging in my closet provide. 

I also want to feel sexy though. 

My husband deserves to see me in something  other than his old underwear and a ratty old tank top. There has to be something out there that is cute, maybe a little sexy in a flirty covered sort of way, and comfortable. 

I know that if I feel sexy and cute that it changes my entire demeanor. I think I even wake up happier! Chipper! (Maybe).

September's Dress Like a Girl challenge is to ditch the ratty old boxers and tee shirts and do one of two things:
- pull out one of those sexy nighties you got for your wedding night
- wear, pick out, buy, some cute girlie PJ's (cheap ideas coming next week if you need new ones!)


September Link up will be 9/26*

*I don't expect you to post photos in said PJ's  so you can be creative in your pictures!


Barbara said...

I love this challenge because for me it is just that - a challenge! I have been struggling with this a lot lately and think I might finally buy those cute, girlie and practical pj's!

Alita said...

Now this is a challenge I can do! I have cute jammies and nighties (won't link up the lingerie, sorry... lol)

Shell said...

I so need to do this!

Kim/reluctant renovator said...

I totally need to do this!

Working Mommy said...

There are some super cute nursing lingerie pieces out there. My best friend got one for me at my baby shower and I love it!