Monday, September 19, 2011

Dress Like a Girls Challenge: Mission PJs

Next week September 26 is the link up for the September Challenge.

*Tangent break: Would you prefer (*cough* Cough* more likely to link up) if the link up was opened all month? Let me know in the comments!

I have been prepping for this challenge since we had the idea to make it monthly. I have been in a purging mood so I was cleaning out drawers and I just started tossing.

I have been scouring the clearance racks and last week I hit the jackpot!

The thing about this challenge is that it may seem on the surface to be one for our spouses.  But it's really deeper than that. It's taking the time to think about yourself at every point of the day. From what you wear to school pick up to what you sleep in. Taking time to feel good about you.

For example:
I scored Missoni for Target pants while on vacation. We were in rural Wisconsin and I begged my husband to let me shop figuring that they would still have some. They did. I got a bunch for the girls and these pants and a pair of boots for me. He hates the pants (and most of the collection and it's "bad 70's pattern") but that isn't the point, and he acknowledged it. I love them. Not only because they are limited and coveted (although that is nice).

I love them because they make me feel grown up and fancy. Like someone who can afford nice things and wears nice things.

That my friends is the point of the challenge.

Also?  I am loving all my new jammies. So much so...I think ';m going to post a picture! So you can see for yourself that you can be cute, comfortable and modest! Guess you'll have to come back next week to see!

Don't forget you don't have to blog to join in! Link up next week Monday with either a post or a picture from Flickr, or post it on my Facebook Page

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