Thursday, September 29, 2011

Light Through the Fog {Simple Moments, Bigger Picture}

Sometimes the fog and darkness settle into my brain and body and it's hard to shake it out. 

It's been a week of this:
Lot's of it, everyday all day. It affects your mood.

There's been a bit of this:
Broken glass, broken plans, broken hearts. Chaos, disaster and trouble.  

There also has been a bit of this:
Boogy noses, red gums, teeth pushing through and sleep being pushed aside. 

Lack of sleep has always been a trigger for me, but add in the horrid weather an and several small issues in row and everything seems bigger and harder than it probably is. Things seem foggy, less sharp and harder to focus on. 
So while I waited out a car nap I decided to grab my camera. It's been neglected, much like my creativity. Buried under the piles of everyday necessities and to-do's. feeling like a luxury and not a necessity my creative self was needing to be feed and nurtured beyond the-spilling of words on to page. With warm coffee and better focus my old friend and me set out to find the colors that were so hard to see in the fog. 
Much like the sweetness of cream bubbles up to the top of my cup, the sweetness and beauty that surrounds me bubbled to the surface. 

The sweetness of a husband who left the last piece of "the very best cake I have ever made".
The bursting yellows of our hope garden, late blooming but full and bright none the less. 
The first red leaf on our burning bush. 
Rain dripping of our peppers. Thoughts of home made salsa and warm enchiladas 
The very last berries of the season, glistening in the rain destined to not even make it into the house before being gobbled up by grubby little hands.
Discarded shoes, remnants of an afternoon spent in the work of play.

These are the simple things, the everyday things that  are bright little flickers in an otherwise dark and foggy day. Sometimes you (I) need to force myself to see them, if only for a minute to remind myself that I am more than a mother, a wife, a cleaner, a baker, a maker, a fill-in-the-blank-filler-upper. I am a creative soul and sometimes I just need to create.

Simply creating, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Whatwith cake, photos, writing, and children, it sounds like you're doing lots of creating every single day. I love the photo of the coffee with the reflection inside the mug. Such a cool shot!

TKW said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a friend to help you see your way through the fog.

Alita said...

Minus the broken glass and the teething baby it sounds like you have had my kind of week.

I hope that the sunshine burns through your fog very soon. xo!

Hyacynth said...

I guess I should have read your blog before I sent the last email. :) Yes, this week has been SO hard weather wise and everything else, too. But the beauty you captured ... it's refreshing and restoring and a reminder that He is making all things new even when it seems like life is fading into the dormancy of winter faster than we'd anticipated. All things new, yes. Beauty here, Mel. Thanks for sharing it.

Emily said...

Sounds like a hard week, but I'm glad you found beauty in the end. Discarded shoes and end-of-season blackberries definitely seem like a step in the right direction! said...

I liked the silver linings you found. Sorry for the broken glass and dreams and such. Hope things can be mended...

Lenae said...

This is gorgeous, Melissa. It can be so hard to break free of that fog and see things for how truly spectacular they really are... despite the rough patches.

Grateful for your creativity... and that you share it here :)

May said...

I love how you went from the grayscale to brightness. Scrolling through the shots quickly really is a mood booster. What a great post. And the trees in the coffee....totally cool!