Friday, September 2, 2011

Rest {Five Minute Friday}


My house rests.

When it rests it quiet. The only time it is quiet.

So while I should rest. I need to rest. I want to rest, my fingers...

tap, tap, tappity tap on the keys.

My brain whirls and hums with thoughts, ideas, inspiration.

Rest is for the weak right? What is that theory on great leaders never seeping? I think Clinton is famous for that.

But I also know creativity needs rest. The mind and body need to be refreshed and alive awake and open.

So I balance on this thin beam of light coming from my laptop separating the day from the night. I walk the bluish hue between day and night, rest and creativity.

I want to wrap myself in this quiet and create but I also want to wrap myself around the sleeping bundles of my family and rest, breathe them in and drift of to another place.

A place where I am frequently creating. Stories and songs, projects and words. Words that swirl into the abyss of the sea of rest in hopes that one day I will awake and fish them out.



Katie Gates said...

Beautifully done!

Barbara said...

I love it! I'm the same way, I should rest when the house rest but there is still so much to get done.

Alita said...

I wish I could rest. I feel compelled to run around the house even with a knee brace on.

May said...

I am sure I don't know what you mean. Maybe I should read your post one more time. I had trouble concentrating over my husband snoring next to me! lol Yes, rest is good and I too should do more of it.

Working Mommy said...

Rest?! What is that?! A concept I know not about...alas, no rest for the weary.


Ginny Marie said...

Balance is so hard to me to achieve! Often I lie awake at night worrying about all the things I need to accomplish. But then it's hard to get things done when I am so tired! Rest is such a good thing.