Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Swaps September

Hyacynth had a new monthly link-up called Simple Swaps, simple things to make your life more creative, green, or intentional. This month we were to make a creative space.

My creative space is frequently inhabited by small people or paper. The start of school has left me with piles of stuff everywhere to deal with. I chose the simplest one to tackle first. My bed:

Since PBbaby needs to hold on to my finger to sleep I do a lot of writing here in my messy bed. I am very much a cluttered space cluttered mind. What isn't shown here (because it was beyond the 15 min!) is a chair and room covered in laundry both clean and dirty. My nightstand was cluttered with all sorts of stuff that and the bed was a mess. Basically my creative space was cluttered with things that needed to be done, put away, taken care of.  

(Focus on the nightstand!) So I took the time and made the bed and picked up and it really made me more productive and more able to work. In fact it has inspired (kicked me in the butt?) to really start tackling some of hose bigger projects. Like my sewing area so i can start creating again!

You can join in the Simple Swaps (it's the last week!) and you have a chance to win too! Join in!

Check Out the September Simple Swap!


Lucy The Valiant said...

Awesome! I love how just tackling one area can inspire you to do a ton more!

Robin said...

Awesome simple swap! Funny how our most comfy space can get taken over by little ones, so quickly! Great job taking it back. :)