Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking a Break

Happy Friday!

I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I have lists and piles and lots to do. So I'm taking a little break from social media today and probably tomorrow. I feel the need to pop in and tell you all because last year when I disappeared from the web people called my husband to find out what was wrong. Apparently you can't just disappear of "the facebook".

There's nothing wrong. Just a little (lot) tired and a little (lot) to catch up on before we start a very (VERY) busy October.

So I'm going quiet for a bit, going to try to plow through some things on my lists (like laundry, and bills, and 200 emails) and work on some back end stuff (a little fall freshen up if you will).

I will be back on Sunday with our yummy meal plan for the week and am hoping to start October refreshed, energized and ready for all the exciting things to come.

Happy Friday Friends.

(comments closed because I need to catch up! you can always email me, as long as you don't expect a prompt response!)