Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 years of Moments {Bigger Picture Moments}

10 years ago today was a bright and beautiful October day, much like today. Only the brightest was sent by God to help us overcome the sadness and focus on celebrating. The record cold (earliest frost in decades) was apparently just so our pictures would look sharp and bright!

10 years later this is not the life I ever would have imagined but I cannot imagine anything more amazing and wonderful.

I know you will probably never read this, as my public openness on all things hard and sticky makes you a bit uncomfortable. However, I want the world to know that you are an amazing man and I am so proud of you, of us, of what we have made.

It has not always been easy. It’s never clean. It’s seems to always be louder and crazy than we expect but it’s ours and it’s amazing.

Happy 10 year anniversary honey. 

Here's to 10 times 10 more years of love, mess, and happiness.

Simply celebrating 10 years of moments, that’s my Simple Moment, Bigger Picture this week. What’s yours?

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*I realize that these images don't look "sharp and bright" but 10 years ago we were still using film...for you young-in's that's something that is not in a those are pictures of pictures...the only ones I have as we have never actually made an album or printed pictures...maybe for our 20th anniversary I will!


Robin said...

awww, happy anniversary!! I love how you say you are proud of him...I think that is key to any relationship. Good job and congrats!

Lenae said...

So, this made me cry. True love --the messy, loud, hanging with you after all these years and all the craziness kind-- always causes that reaction in me. Congratulations, friend -- 10 years is huge. Enjoy your day!

Hyacynth said...

LOVE this! Happy anniversary to you guys. :)

Alita said...

Happy Anniversary Mel! :)

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I feel the same way about our journey. It isn't what I expected, but every bit of the mess has been beautiful and amazing and I am so thankful for it. :)

CharityVL said...

Happy Anniversary. I think my husband feels the same way about my blogging. But it sounds like we both have great men! :)

Ginny Marie said...

Happy anniversary! October is the best month for a wedding! (our anniversary is next week. :) You and your husband look deliciously happy!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Aww, so sweet! Happy anniversary!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and so sweet! Happy anniversary!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Congratulations on a beautiful marriage and happy, happy anniversary!

Barbara said...

Love it! Happy Anniversary, and many many more!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Aw, happy anniversary you two lovebirds! Love those pictures of pictures :)