Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Quinn

Dear Quinn

So I hear that you have been taking over your moms blog. Sice we are going to be roomates in a few weeks I think we need to work out some "issues" so we are both on the same page on a few things.

First, what is this crawling thing you speak of and can you teach me? See I can do this:

But than what? I mean I rock a bit and than someone swats my butt* and makes me sit down. So I've been trying to do this if I get close enough to any furniture:

Well that gets mom shrieking (which is funny) and she knocks me down*. I don't know I get the distinct impression that she doesn't want me mobile? So you have to promise to teach me okay?

In return I think I can offer you som help. You say your mom freaks out when you find your borthers snacks?  Show her this: Baby Lead Weaning. It is the greatest thing ever. I want something, she gives it to me...well unless it's this brown creamy looking stuff she eats mass amounts of, I think it's called chocolate. She won't share that but anything else is all mine. It's AWE.SOME.

No on to the roomate thing. It is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to hang out with you we will be like the new cute power twins and no one will be able to stop us. I am sure we can get anything we want so we should brainstorm and figure out what we want? I'm thinking we should make it good since your going to on the other side of the world soon. Maybe our own laptops so we can Skype? I mean it's not like I sleep at night anyways, that's lame.

See you in a few weeks roomie!

Hugs and Smooches

Interjection from mother: this is all in fun I do not swat her butt for trying to crawl or knock her down, well not much anyway. 


Hyacynth said...


Lenae said...

Dear PBbaby,

By the time the conference is through, we'll be running laps around that hotel, mmkay? With this chocolate stuff you speak of!

Raise the roof!
-Quinn :)

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

That lady whose name is a flower sent me here!

You guys are adorable!

Being moms gets better because you get to raise kids together. Wonderful.

Oh, and eat chocolate.