Monday, October 31, 2011

Dress like a Girl Challenge {October Wrap up}


Where has the time gone? Did you rock fall? I spent the weekend at The Relevant Conference and those ladies, they know how to rock fall! Boots! Hats! Scarves! They were beautiful.

I was so bad at taking pictures this month so this is the best I can do today (see also, exhausted!)

Hat (target) Scarf (A Soft Landing - WIN ONE HERE!), Jeans (? Banana Republic) Hotter Boots

This is one of my other favorite things to do in the fall. Turtleneck sweater and a chunky necklace, I wore it with knee high black boots. Sweater (Gap) Necklace (vintage) Skirt (J. Crew, probably old enough to be considered vintage!)

So if you rocked fall be sure to link up a photo here on the Dress Like a Girl Page you can also add them to my Facebook Page or the Dress like a Girl Flickr Group. Those that link p get TWO extra entries in the A Soft Landing giveaway!

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Barbara said...

You did a great job rocking fall!